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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#140 Screen saver doesn't say how long you've been idle accepted defect low The Distant Future --
#443 We need a better bug reporter accepted defect low The Distant Future --
#531 zwgc(1) has incorrect paths accepted defect trivial Upstream Utopia --
#608 Notification-area applet for locker quota accepted enhancement low The Distant Future --
#625 athinfo.defs should be in /usr/share? accepted enhancement trivial The Distant Future --
#766 debathena-pyhesiodfs should stop using macathena as an upstream assigned defect trivial The Distant Future --
#849 update_server should write out a pidfile accepted enhancement low Current Semester --
#1330 dh-buildinfo considered harmful new defect normal The Distant Future --
#1388 Clean up our fork of krbdev-services accepted task normal Current Semester --
#1403 make-chroot needs to create policy-rc.d first new defect high Current Semester --
#1424 debathena-kiosk shows lots of modal prompts review defect normal Summer 2014 --
#750 man page for blanche(1) missing many options accepted defect insignificant The Distant Future documentation
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