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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Milestone Component
#1152 Deal with Secure Boot on Windows 8-era hardware new task Current Semester --
#1239 stage1 installer shouldn't assume eth0 committed defect Current Semester --
#1314 debathena-dns-config should provide a DNSSEC-validating resolver new enhancement Current Semester paranoia
#1403 make-chroot needs to create policy-rc.d first new jdreed defect Current Semester --
#1517 Ship a postfix config new enhancement Current Semester --
#1531 bash-config diverts a non-managed file new defect Current Semester --
#1501 ensure reactivate's session-cleanup script is idempotent new task Summer 2014 --
#1506 Using "Shutdown/Reboot" from indicator-session doesn't work on Trusty -cluster new defect Summer 2014 --
#1507 unity's lock screen has no way to force a log out on Trusty new defect Summer 2014 --
#1370 Track down and file OpenAFS/apparmor bugs new task The Distant Future --
#1464 Write a one-size-fits-all metrics/data gatherer assigned wpreston enhancement The Distant Future --
#1597 python-afs fails to build on bionic accepted kaduk defect The Distant Future --
#1167 lightdm's upstart script sometimes errors out, resulting in low-graphics-mode warning. new defect Upstream Utopia --
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