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#59 fixed Fix discuss on 64-bit tabbott
#60 fixed Fix all scripts/binaries in AFS that use the wrong path for AFS/Hesiod on Debathena tabbott

Reported by tabbott, 16 years ago.


I'd like to finish getting rid of all the instances of "/bin/athena/fs", "/bin/athena/hesinfo", and friends hardcoded in programs in AFS. This is problematic for both Debathena and Macathena, because other distributions of OpenAFS and Hesiod put these binaries in /usr.

Below is a list of all files in the whichlocker database that reference any of the affected scripts, and which ones they reference

We should generate patches for each of these to look in PATH and submit them upstream.

*slw locker: /bin/athena/hesinfo: /mit/slw/bin/slwping

*cref locker: /bin/athena/hesinfo: /mit/cref/bin/cable /bin/athena/hesinfo: /mit/cref/bin/cable-sipb

*ops locker: /bin/athena/fs: /mit/ops/bin/move_volumes_dev /bin/athena/fs: /mit/ops/bin/move_volumes /bin/athena/vos: /mit/ops/bin/dumpsetsize

*consult locker: /bin/athena/vos: /mit/consult/bin/afsquota /bin/athena/fs: /mit/consult/bin/fsr /bin/athena/vos: /mit/consult/bin/lastlog /bin/athena/hesinfo: /mit/consult/bin/lookup /bin/athena/vos: /mit/consult/bin/lookup /bin/athena/fs: /mit/consult/bin/lookup /bin/athena/hesinfo: /mit/consult/bin/whichfs

#61 wontfix Broaden platform support of alpine tabbott

Reported by tabbott, 16 years ago.


This should use the debathenificator framework.

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