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#214 fixed /etc/{bash.bashrc,csh.cshrc}.debathena should not set environment variables andersk

Reported by andersk, 15 years ago.


Right now /etc/profile.debathena and /etc/bash.bashrc.debathena both source the same script /usr/share/debathena-bash-config/bashrc.debathena, which clobbers environment variables like ATHENA_USER. This clobbers an ATHENA_USER set in ~/.profile. bashrc files should never set environment variables, so the fix is to split out a new /usr/share/debathena-bash-config/profile.debathena from bashrc.debathena. Similarly for tcsh.

#237 fixed Use icedtea6-plugin for Java andersk

Reported by andersk, 15 years ago.


In theory, debathena-extra-software would like to include the open-source icedtea6-plugin instead of the proprietary sun-java6-plugin. This is currently not possible because icedtea6-plugin doesn’t work in AFS home directories ( icedtea:166).

If there are any other known problems with icedtea6-plugin for Debathena, we should track them here.

#309 fixed Desync auto-update by editing /etc/cron.d/debathena-auto-update instead of sleeping andersk

Reported by andersk, 15 years ago.


We’ve discovered that on recent Ubuntu, sleeping for extended periods inside a cron job can interfere with shutting down or restarting the machine through the GUI, because it claims that other users are logged in. This is not as important for -cluster but may be annoying to some -workstation users (or anyone else that decides to use our auto-updater).

geofft found  LP:284229, which is not related to anything except in that it mentions “The use of pam-ck-connector means that consolekit registers a session for every cron or ssh session started.” which partially explains the issue.

We could background the job, but we would lose cron’s job management and error reporting. Furthermore, it is a nice feature that it warns you about shutting down or restarting while an update is running.

So instead I think we should make the postinst edit a random hour-mod-2 and minute into /etc/cron.d/debathena-auto-update, and get rid of the sleep.

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