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#293 fixed Decide what software should be on the Live CD xavid

Reported by xavid, 15 years ago.


Currently the live CD doesn't have any of -extra-software{,nox} on it, and removes the following packages/groups of packages:


We should figure out some useful Athena tools that don't take up a lot of space that it'd make sense to put on the CD. We currently have ~22 compressed megs free. hesiod, krb5-clients, remctl-client, screen, lynx, subversion, git-core? Quentin wants some of LaTeX, though texlive-full won't fit.

Should we be removing more stuff? Quentin suggests compiz, which is worth a few uncompressed megs, though that'd be a pretty big change from upstream, so I'd be against it.

Should we cut enough other stuff so we can include at least some of I'm biased against it, but it seems like lots of people use it.

#1022 worksforme lpr fails to add job to printer queue wings

Reported by wings, 13 years ago.


I was trying to print wings/Private/2009SalemTrolleyMap.pdf and wings/Private/ TicketOrder20110804-106528 (1).pdf using lpr. I tried this for nysa from linerva and from the quickstation nearby, and for homer from the quickstation next to it. The command appears to go through, but lpq doesn't show the job.

#93 fixed debathena-cluster-software package install broken wdc

Reported by wdc, 16 years ago.


This came up in the testers email list on 15 september.

wdc and alexp tried to install the package as part of an install, but it blew out. To paste in ghudson's analysis of the situation:

There are dependency issues as well as post-installation script issues affecting installation of the debathena-cluster-software package.

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