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#92 fixed Console user group membership/device access quentin

Reported by quentin, 16 years ago.


Various devices in Debian (and presumably Ubuntu) have their access controlled by local groups; we should use pam_groups to put the console user into the appropriate groups so that they can control hardware on the system. Some groups that spring to mind on Debian:

  • video (access to V4L devices and OpenGL direct rendering)
  • dialout (access to serial ports)
  • audio (access to audio devices)
  • cdrom (raw access to CD devices)
#93 fixed debathena-cluster-software package install broken wdc

Reported by wdc, 16 years ago.


This came up in the testers email list on 15 september.

wdc and alexp tried to install the package as part of an install, but it blew out. To paste in ghudson's analysis of the situation:

There are dependency issues as well as post-installation script issues affecting installation of the debathena-cluster-software package.

#94 duplicate Improve visual appearance of Athena Login Greeter wdc

Reported by wdc, 16 years ago.


The debathena greeter's graphic design made perfect sense for a long time: Looking like the previous generation of Athena login screen, it did a nice job of being different by being anachronistic.

Looking ahead to Athena 10 as the replacement for Athena 9, we want the first thing people to see to make them say, "Hey cool! I want Athena 10!". This starts as a minor priority, but I believe it is a requirement for Athena 10 cluster roll-out.

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