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#95 fixed Names for session types need improvement. wdc

Reported by wdc, 16 years ago.


I got tripped up by the names of the different sessions, and whether the change I was making was a permanent or a transient one.

This issue tracks refinement of that session choice display until we've got something that Athena Cluster users will find usable.

#96 fixed Automounter should support manually-specified lockers geofft

Reported by geofft, 16 years ago.


Maintainers of replicated lockers often want to attach the read-write copy of a locker in /mit to test it, before releasing the volume. We should add an interface for pyhesiodfs to support this. Detaching, deleting and re-symlinking the locker is what people will try to do... can we support root symlinking on top of an existing locker as changing where it points?

#97 fixed Use unionfs instead of LVM snapshots geofft ghudson

Reported by ghudson, 16 years ago.


Right now we use LVM snapshots for copy-on-write functionality in two places: on the build server (linux-build-10) and for login chroots. This works pretty well, but it works at the storage layer, which is a somewhat heavyweight approach.

It is also possible to do this at the filesystem layer using unionfs. I do not know a lot about unionfs at this time, but tabbott reports that this approach performs better for large numbers of snapshots.

Unfortunately, schroot does not have support for unionfs at this time. There is a patch at:

tabbott has a port of it to schroot 1.2.1 if we want to pursue this.

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