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#157 fixed sendbug cancel fails wdc

Reported by wdc, 15 years ago.


As per report filed in bugs:

Repeat by:

  1. Applications->System Tools->Report an Athena bug
  2. In the :Add a new entry alert, instead of specifying a program,

click the "Cancel" button.

Expected behavior:

Sendbug should have aborted.

Actual behavior:

An alert popped up letting me know I was going to get a text editor window to report my bug. Indeed, the editor window popped up after that.

This is, perhaps a cosmetic bug, but a user did trouble themself to report it...

#158 fixed distinguish cluster from workstation machine on login screen geofft wdc

Reported by wdc, 15 years ago.


This has been variously discussed in email and zephyr, but never raised as an official enhancement request.

The greeter should, if possible, display what kind of system this is:

workstation cluster

etc. We are getting this stuff in athinfo. It is a challenge to display it, but probably worth doing.

I'm not sure what priority to give this. For now, I'll classify it as a "major" enancement because I believe it will have a good sized usability impact going forward.

#161 wontfix Make texlive install more quickly. wdc

Reported by wdc, 15 years ago.


The install of texlive performs activities such as

mktexlsr updmap-sys

as every package is installed rather than setting a trigger to perform them once at the end of all package installs.

This causes the texlive install to take far longer than it ideally should.

It would be nice if we could help the upstream debian integrator of texlive to produce a more efficient install.

Broder has also cooked up a hack to do some triggerizing: /mit/broder/Public/debathena-triggerize-texlive_1.0.tar.gz

Consensus is that we'd prefer to work with upstream rather than having our own local hack.

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