About this milestone

This is the milestone for things that need to get fixed "now". Its due date is long in the past so it sorts first. It will never be marked as "completed".

About this milestone

This is the default milestone for new tickets. A ticket is placed here if it's important enough to keep track of, but we haven't yet decided when to implement it. If you feel strongly that a ticket should be moved to a specific dated milestone, feel free to move it there, but if you're unsure then this is the milestone to use.

About this milestone

Tickets are moved to this milestone primarily to track annoying upstream bugs. All tickets in this milestone should have an upstream bug report.

Periodically, someone should check on the state of these upstream bugs, and update the bug reports as necessary. if the bugs have been resolved, the ticket should be moved to a different milestone with a description of what we need to do to take advantage of the bugfix (e.g. back-out some hacks we implemented).

Some bug trackers use a single account for debathena; contact a member of release-team for login information. For other bug trackers (e.g. Launchpad) you should create your own account.

Note: See TracRoadmap for help on using the roadmap.