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04/03/09 00:49:34 (13 years ago)

debathena-lert 10.0.2-0debathena1 fixes the paths that debathena-lert-server uses, and includes an init script. It's going into -proposed with everything else.

There is one remaining issue, and I've updated the description to document that.


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    initial v2  
    1 The debathena-lert-server package exists, and provides the necessary binaries, but has a relatively useless configuration. 
     1debathena-lert-server uses `gethostbyname(uname().nodename)` as the address to bind to. Unfortunately, on most Ubuntu systems, this works out to being instead of the actual IP address, thanks to Ubuntu's `/etc/hosts` hacks. 
    3 We should update lert.h to use more sane locations than /var/ops, and also provide an initscript. 
     3More fun, the krb4 code needs the destination address of incoming packets for the encryption of the reply, so we can't simply switch to listening on `INADDR_ANY` with no other changes. 
     5I see two options: 
     7 1. Change the code to use `recvmsg` instead of `recvfrom`, in which case you can get at the destination address of the incoming packets at the expense of substantially increased complexity. See for an example of how to do this. 
     9 2. Tear out the krb4 code. The krb5 protocol was introduced in 2002, and it seems pretty unlikely that krb4 clients are still around. It's already nicely conditionalized out so that it'll build on squeeze.