Ticket #300 (new enhancement)

Opened 15 years ago

pts-aware ls

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ls -l, and possibly friends like stat(1), should identify users and groups for file owners based on what the target AFS cell calls that uid and gid, not based on what the local system (either local users/groups, or if you're lucky Hesiod = ATHENA users and groups) calls them. This helps both foreign realms with their own naming system, local groups that conflict with network groups (cf. #299), and debathena-standard users who don't have Hesiod users/groups in NSS.

Apparently there's a patch in the gnu locker to make its version of ls be Hesiod-aware, which might serve as inspiration.

Possible things to do with this ls once we've implemented it:

  • Stick it in a locker, like the old gnu locker version.
  • Make the patch entirely too clever for its own good so that it's suitable to send upstream.
  • Debathenify it locally.
  • Write it as a scary Python wrapper a la debathena-printing-config.
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