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Monolithic apparmor-config is stupid

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See #737 for context.

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comment:1 Changed 13 years ago by jdreed

This is not as simple as just breaking it back out into individual packages:

   debathena / trac-#737.d / geofft  17:49  (Attention all pilots... One lives o
       Ideally whenever cupsys and debathena-kerberos-config are installed, we  
       want to require that debathena-cupsys-apparmor is installed              
       (regardless of cupsys-config). I don't think you can express this        
   debathena / trac-#737.d / geofft  17:51  (Attention all pilots... One lives o
       Possibly the right answer is that kerberos-config does something to      
       watch on every package install for new apparmor files (from some         
       list? ever?) that reference krb5.conf, and if they exist, go             
       dpkg-divert them.                                                        
   debathena / trac-#737.d / geofft  17:51  (Attention all pilots... One lives o
       But it means that the .debathena file won't be packaged. Which might     
       be fine.                                                                

comment:2 Changed 11 years ago by geofft

Here's another thought: Modify (transform, presumably) the apparmor initscript to copy all the profiles to a temporary directory, run dpkg-divert --list, sed the temporary copy of the profiles as appropriate, and then load the result of that.

This involves no additional diversions or packaging trickery, and now apparmor-config is generic and the source package doesn't know anything about any Debathena packages or what we divert. (We might even be able to talk upstream into taking this approach.)

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