00:46 Changeset [23008] by ghudson
Fold the functionality of debathena-lprng-no-server-config into debathenify-lprng by fixing the cron job when debathenifying the package.


15:59 Changeset [23007] by ghudson
In debathenify-lprng, add init.d to the list of debhelper files to rename.
15:47 Changeset [23006] by ghudson
Add a debathenificator package to lprng which renames the package and commands to avoid conflicting with CUPS.


14:00 Changeset [23005] by ghudson
Fix a grammar error in zctl's help output.


17:57 Changeset [23004] by ghudson
Moving firefox-wrapper to debathena broke its build, since packages outside of athena/ don't get run through daconfiscate. Switch to a bare Makefile.
13:07 Changeset [23003] by ghudson
Bump version of cluster-software metapackage for recent changes.
13:07 Changeset [23002] by ghudson
Add pidgin and evolution wrappers to debathena-workstation.
12:49 Changeset [23001] by ghudson
In firefox-wrapper: * Punt Debian version component; we are no longer treating wrapper scripts as portable software.
12:42 Changeset [23000] by ghudson
In pidgin-wrapper: * Convert to config-package-dev. * Punt autoconf goo and use debhelper-style install. * Punt Debian version component; this is not portable software.
12:21 Changeset [22999] by ghudson
Move pidgin-wrapper and firefox-wrapper from athena/bin to debathena/debathena.
12:09 Changeset [22998] by ghudson
Add new evolution wrapper script package to perform initial configuration and Hesiod lookups.


12:39 Changeset [22997] by ghudson
In hesiod-config: * Set classes=IN to improve error results for failed lookups.


12:34 Ticket #89 (debathena-build-depends is out of date) closed by broder
fixed: This built fine when I attempted to build it, so I've built and uploaded …
02:06 Changeset [22996] by broder
The apt-get source should not run as root
01:54 Changeset [22995] by broder
dpkg-source -x has some weird bug in Lenny with AFS. This works around it.
01:52 Ticket #87 (Debathena doesn’t install on Lenny) closed by broder
fixed: And...new bash package for Lenny uploaded.


19:46 Changeset [22994] by broder
Depends: barnowl | owl instead of just owl, so that most people will get new shiny
18:59 Changeset [22993] by ghudson
Add a debathenificator package for evolution-data-server to enable krb4 auth support.
17:01 Changeset [22992] by broder
I said I wanted debathena-cupsys-config | debathena-lprng-config? I lied - they can peacefully coexist
16:15 Changeset [22991] by ghudson
Fix apparently harmless syntax error in debathenify-cyrus-sasl2-mit.
16:03 Changeset [22990] by ghudson
In append_description() in debathenificator, don't treat lines containing only whitespace as continuation lines for the Description field, as they are treated as separator lines by the dpkg tools.
12:00 Changeset [22989] by broder
Desupport Edgy


14:55 Changeset [22988] by ghudson
Add new package debathena-tex-extras containing the custom dvips headers we have in Athena 9.4.
14:33 Changeset [22987] by ghudson
In debathena-cluster-software, expand the tex dependencies to texlive-full or tetex-extra.
12:37 Changeset [22986] by ghudson
Add krb5-clients to debathena-cluster-software package.
12:11 Changeset [22985] by ghudson
Add notes on removing a dist from an apt repository.


19:58 Changeset [22984] by ghudson
Update Debathena notes for schroot change (10mount.patch -> mount-defaults.patch).
19:58 Changeset [22983] by ghudson
schroot no longer hardcodes its mounts in setup.d/10mounts; they are configured in mount-defaults. Replace 10mounts.patch with mount-defaults.patch in the build server scripts directory.
19:56 Changeset [22982] by ghudson
Add fakeroot to the list of packages to install on a build server.


18:40 Changeset [22981] by tabbott
In athinfod: * Remove old transitional code from 9.4.0-0debathena4 changeset.
14:41 Ticket #90 (debathena-discuss-server doesn't create inetd/xinetd service) created by tabbott
The debathena-discuss-server package apparently doesn't work. It's never …
14:02 Ticket #89 (debathena-build-depends is out of date) created by tabbott
debathena-build-depends still depends on config-package-dev and thus is …
14:01 Changeset [22980] by tabbott
In build-depends: * Version bump for rebuilding on Hardy and removing debathena-config-build-common. * Initial release
13:59 Ticket #88 (Lock down chroots on debuild.mit.edu) created by tabbott
We should find a mechanism to lock down chroots on debuild.mit.edu. Users …
03:17 Changeset [22979] by tabbott
Remove old locking code from SbuildHack.pm.
03:03 Changeset [22978] by tabbott
Use the new --apt-update feature of schroot 1.20 to simplify sbuildhack.


20:31 Changeset [22977] by broder
Desupport Sarge - the new version of sbuild doesn't play nice with sarge, and we don't care enough to fix it
18:27 Ticket #87 (Debathena doesn’t install on Lenny) created by andersk
* bash needs to be rebuilt. * owl doesn't exist on Lenny and depends …


20:28 Ticket #86 (firefox-extension should install CRL) created by andersk
As with #67, the firefox-extension package should install the new CRL from …


22:43 Changeset [22976] by geofft
In linerva: * Update k5login.


13:57 Changeset [22975] by ghudson
In dotfiles: * Add new .generation dotfile to distinguish old and new accounts. * Make double-sided printing the default for new users.
13:38 Changeset [22974] by ghudson
In session: * For bash users, execute .bash_logout instead of .logout. * Execute the logout dotfile in the user's shell.


18:52 Ticket #85 (discuss-emacs is horked) created by andersk
Running emacs, M-x discuss on linerva only gives […]
18:50 Ticket #84 (xdsc crashes on adding a meeting) created by andersk
After adding the sipb-ec meeting with xdsc on linerva, it crashed with …


13:05 Changeset [22973] by rbasch
Add packaging for Debathena. * athena/bin/hostinfo/debian: New directory * athena/bin/hostinfo/debian/changelog: New file * athena/bin/hostinfo/debian/compat: New file * athena/bin/hostinfo/debian/control: New file, generated from control.in * athena/bin/hostinfo/debian/control.in: New file * athena/bin/hostinfo/debian/copyright: New file * athena/bin/hostinfo/debian/rules: New file
12:59 Changeset [22972] by rbasch
* athena/bin/hostinfo/hostinfo.pl: Change paths of perl and host executables from /usr/athena/bin to /usr/bin.
12:55 Changeset [22971] by rbasch
* athena/bin/hostinfo/hostinfo.pl: Use the default name server(s) when no server is specified on the command line, instead of assuming that the local host is running a name server. Accordingly, do not quote the server argument in shell command lines; the check for a valid host name should prevent any passing of shell metacharacters.


22:14 Ticket #80 (debathena-firefox-wrapper is busted) closed by tabbott
21:01 Changeset [22970] by broder
Sorry - screwed up the sed expression
20:55 Changeset [22969] by broder
Make debathena-cupsys-hack follow diversions
20:40 Ticket #62 (Make a debathena-cupsys-config package that uses cups.mit.edu) closed by broder
fixed: This is basically done. I've created and checked in the …
20:22 Changeset [22968] by broder
Add a config package for cupsys, also the horrible hack package necessary for cupsys-config to work on Etch. Also make it an alternative to debathena-lprng-config in debathena-clients
17:38 Changeset [22967] by rbasch
* athena/bin/firefox-wrapper/firefox.sh: Handle a profile directory name containing whitespace, when parsing the contents of the lock symlink.
13:59 Changeset [22966] by ghudson
Add a bash version of the standard Athena xsession, and use it for bash users.


09:22 Changeset [22965] by andersk
Use $(CC) for linktest.
07:49 Changeset [22964] by andersk
In libnss-nonlocal: * Use a version script to hide internal symbols.
01:53 Changeset [22963] by tabbott
In shell-config: * Add Recommends: bash-completion, since programmable bash completion has been moved there in Lenny and Hardy.
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