23:13 Changeset [23243] by price
equivs package to make barnowl installable on intrepid Thanks to Andrew Farrell (afarrell) for finding the bug and writing the original version of this package.


18:55 Ticket #112 (split debathena-cluster-software: -extra-software, -extra-software-nox) created by price
Per discussion on athena10@, we're moving away from lockers in order to …
17:42 Changeset [23242] by price
remove debathenify-krb5, obsolete since we put -54 in renew long ago


23:56 Changeset [23241] by price
let gaim substitute for debathena-pidgin-wrapper on etch, feisty, and edgy


18:23 Changeset [23240] by rbasch
Add lynx to debathena-cluster-software.


12:51 Changeset [23239] by andersk
In gdm-config: * Reload gdm on postinst. configure) ;; abort-upgrade|abort-remove|abort-deconfigure) ;; *) echo "postinst called with unknown argument \`$1'" >&2 exit 1 ;; In gdm-config-athena10: * Reload gdm on postinst. configure) ;; abort-upgrade|abort-remove|abort-deconfigure) ;; *) echo "postinst called with unknown argument \`$1'" >&2 exit 1 ;;


03:53 Changeset [23238] by andersk
In pyhesiodfs: * If /dev/fuse has group root, restart udev to work around LP #293502.
02:57 Changeset [23237] by andersk
In pyhesiodfs: * Fix a typo in the /lib/init/vars.sh part of the previous commit (which was a work in progress and intentionally not committed). * Revert /dev/fuse change, pending further investigation (/dev/fuse is supposewd to be managed by udev).


23:57 Changeset [23236] by price
work around a pam-auth-update bug in awful fashion
22:26 Changeset [23235] by broder
In pyhesiodfs: [ Anders Kaseorg ] * Don't require /lib/init/vars.sh in the initscript, so it works on dapper. [ Evan Broder ] * Fixup the permission bits on /dev/fuse if they're wrong


00:22 Changeset [23234] by price
debathena-pam-config: force pam-auth-update in more situations - when /etc/pam.d/common-* are stock Hardy as well as Debathena Hardy - on first install as well as upgrade Also change postinst argument processing to check first, subcommand argument.
00:22 Changeset [23233] by price
debathena-pam-config: trivial clarification in dependency versions


08:21 Ticket #109 (debathena-pam-config updates for Intrepid) closed by price
fixed: Done in r23225 through r23230.
08:07 Changeset [23232] by price
change pam-auth-update messages to be clearer in menu
07:54 Changeset [23231] by price
debathena-pam-config: fix dependencies in new-style case Had not correctly accounted for ~ suffixes.
06:17 Changeset [23230] by price
adapt debathena-pam-config to use pam-auth-update Take advantage of pam-auth-update in libpam-runtime (>= 1.0.1-4ubuntu1), which is in intrepid. This means no munging of /etc/pam.d/common-* directly, so users and other packages can make their own changes. * libpam-krb524, libpam-athena-locker, libpam-debathena-home-type now enable themselves * new libpam-krb5-config package configures libpam-krb5 the new way * add a file to apply mktemp to ATHENA_SESSION_TMPDIR the new way * on upgrade from older versions, if /etc/pam.d/common-* match what old debathena-pam-config versions supplied then replace them If pam-auth-update is absent, behaves as before.
06:00 Changeset [23229] by price
fix libpam-krb524 pam config to not confuse debconf
04:47 Changeset [23228] by price
libpam-athena-locker: self-enable with pam-auth-update where available
04:47 Changeset [23227] by price
libpam-debathena-home-type: self-enable with pam-auth-update where available
04:47 Changeset [23226] by price
libpam-krb524: self-enable with pam-auth-update where available
04:47 Changeset [23225] by price
new-style PAM config for libpam-krb5 Uses pam-auth-update, introduced in intrepid.


20:07 Changeset [23224] by price
punt superseded libpam-xauthority
17:08 Changeset [23223] by andersk
In machtype: * Bump `machtype -A` to 10.0. * Add i386_deb50 and amd64_deb50 sysnames, starting with Lenny and Intrepid.
17:04 Changeset [23222] by andersk
In base: * Bump /etc/athena/version to 10.0.


17:57 Changeset [23221] by andersk
Move barnowl | owl dependency to suggests, because both packages are significantly buggier than the locker versions.


15:12 Changeset [23220] by andersk
In auto-update: * Protect all installed debathena or openafs metapackages from removal.


23:51 Ticket #111 (sapgui doesn't work on debathena) created by kchen
SAPGui (athrun sapgui saplogon) does not work on Debathena. With some …
03:49 Changeset [23219] by andersk
Add intrepid to debian-versions.sh.
03:37 Changeset [23218] by andersk
Deal with alpine 2.00, which was repackaged using CDBS.
03:22 Ticket #110 (Build Debathena for Intrepid) created by andersk
Ubuntu Intrepid is scheduled for release on …
03:19 Changeset [23217] by andersk
Support multiline Build-Depends: in add_build_depends.
03:14 Ticket #109 (debathena-pam-config updates for Intrepid) created by andersk
debathena-pam-config needs to be updated to work on Intrepid, as outlined …


14:20 Changeset [23216] by andersk
do-build: more permissive grep (debuild can have more options).


15:37 Changeset [23215] by rbasch
Add dent, gettime, lam, rs, and syncupdate to the clients metapackage.
15:19 Changeset [23214] by rbasch
Add debathena-xlock to the cluster metapackage.


18:51 Changeset [23213] by rbasch
Add debathena-gconfd-2-wrapper to the login metapackage.


21:54 Changeset [23212] by andersk
In shell-config: * Print a helpful message when aklog doesn't work.


01:13 Ticket #108 (lpr without printer name does not work) created by kchen
kchen@scyther:~$ lpr -Poof foo.ps [file prints] kchen@scyther:~$ lpr …
00:05 Ticket #107 (Printing from acroread broken) created by kchen
On my feisty machine, printing from acroread is broken: Traceback (most …
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