18:12 Changeset [23955] by rbasch
In debathena-evolution-wrapper: * Handle a Hesiod POBOX setting for IMAP.EXCHANGE, and ensure that we always use SSL for the MIT IMAP account. (Trac: #317) * Update the folder state file to reflect a PO server change. * Create an initial folder tree state, to expand and select the MIT INBOX. (Trac: #304) * Honor $ATHENA_USER. * Add some error checking.
12:01 Changeset [23954] by broder
In printing-config: * Treat lpr -z as a toggle flag, and set it by default. (Trac: #138)
10:46 Ticket #329 (urlclassifier{2,3}.sqlite in firefox profiles is far larger than it needs ...) created by jdreed
These files grow to about 40-50MB, which is a fair bit of space, even in …
09:48 Ticket #328 (Investigate power management in clusters) created by jdreed
Now that we have an operating system that at least pretends to support …
02:45 Changeset [23953] by geofft
Add missing build-dependency on gettext.
02:40 Changeset [23952] by geofft
In printing-config: * If you're using system-config-printer with notification popups, notify that the job was sent to the printer rather than that it was successfully printed, since that's not necessarily true for remote printers (Trac: #281). See also https://fedorahosted.org/system-config-printer/ticket/181
02:13 PackageNamesWeDidntUse edited by broder
02:13 PackageNamesWeDidntUse created by broder


20:58 Changeset [23951] by tabbott
Fix typo in config-package-dev 4.10 changelog.
20:58 Changeset in config-package-dev [ce191ff] by Tim Abbott <tabbott@…>
mastergeofftjdreed-docsmaster-plus-renamerenametrac-867-interpolatetrac1358Fix typo in config-package-dev 4.10 changelog. git-svn-id: svn+ssh://svn.mit.edu/athena/trunk/debathena/debathena/config-package-dev@23951 728af825-273c-0410-89f9-f7d3b574a069
16:36 Ticket #327 (Evolution wrapper should include MH collection if ~/Mail/inbox exists) created by jdreed
Some Athena 9 users who have migrated to IMAP still rely on the MH …
00:59 Ticket #312 (Update Pine default collections for Exchange) closed by broder


17:09 Changeset [23950] by geofft
In printing-config: * Support LPROPT for LPRng lpr (Trac: #285). * Be a little more robust if ATHENA_USER doesn't exist for some strange reason.
01:08 Changeset [23949] by geofft
In athinfod: * Add a 'policy' query to run 'apt-cache policy' without arguments. This is mainly for figuring out if a machine has -proposed repositories enabled or not (Trac: #172).


11:09 Ticket #301 (Create policy-rc.d in installer when run from d-i) reopened by geofft
Whoops. It looks like we package /usr/sbin/policy-rc.d in …
10:56 Changeset [23948] by geofft
Revert "Use d-i-utils' chroot setup script before installing Debathena." This reverts r23944. chroot_setup and chroot_cleanup clobber our packaged policy-rc.d file.
04:19 Ticket #326 (debathena-kerberos-config forgets to reload apparmor) created by andersk
debathena-kerberos-config.postinst needs to invoke-rc apparmor reload
04:17 Ticket #325 (debathena-kerberos-config makes Karmic’s cupsd crash on startup) created by andersk
[…] […] […]


21:24 Changeset [23947] by tabbott
In config-package-dev: * Make transform scripts as executable before attempting to execute them (Closes: #528995).
21:24 Changeset in config-package-dev [62889ce] by Tim Abbott <tabbott@…>
mastergeofftjdreed-docsmaster-plus-renamerenametrac-867-interpolatetrac1358Make transform scripts as executable before attempting to execute them (Closes: #528995). git-svn-id: svn+ssh://svn.mit.edu/athena/trunk/debathena/debathena/config-package-dev@23947 728af825-273c-0410-89f9-f7d3b574a069


12:39 Changeset [23946] by geofft
install-debathena.sh: Set DEBCONF_NONINTERACTIVE_SEEN=true. Without this setting, questions that DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive suppresses, e.g. AFS cell and zephyr servers, are asked on the next upgrade to those packages because they haven't been marked as seen yet.
09:38 Ticket #324 (The bugme timer disappearing bug is back) created by jdreed
The bug where the bugme timer disappears after login seems to be back. It …
09:32 Ticket #306 (Installing on the 755s hangs after downloading the stock ubuntu packages) closed by jdreed


23:53 Changeset [23945] by geofft
In printing-config: * Add support for lpr -z for LPRng in the wrapper, by turning it into -m zephyr%$ATHENA_USER (Trac: #138).
04:45 Ticket #301 (Create policy-rc.d in installer when run from d-i) closed by geofft
fixed: Presumably fixed in r23944, by using what d-i does anyway to create a …
04:18 Changeset [23944] by geofft
Use d-i-utils' chroot setup script before installing Debathena. Among other nice things like /proc, this creates a fake policy-rc.d and start-stop-daemon, so we don't start daemons in the installer (Trac: #301).
03:25 Changeset [23943] by geofft
Add debathena-console package. This is the application for solving Trac #286 ("some equivalent of console in this brave new world"), though not the configuration to hook it into the login process, which should go in a separate package.


17:54 Ticket #316 (Check for IMAP.EXCHANGE.MIT.EDU instead of/in addition to EXCHANGE.MIT.EDU) closed by broder
fixed: This was fixed a while ago.
10:47 Changeset [23942] by broder
In alpine-config: * Explicitly exec alpine.debathena-orig in the wrapper script in case it's run as `pine`. (Trac: #323)
10:26 Ticket #323 (debathena-alpine-config broke pine symlink) created by jdreed
/usr/bin/pine is a symlink to alpine, which is our alpine wrapper. That …
03:28 Changeset [23941] by broder
In alpine-config: * Fix the alpine wrapper script to not pass extra empty arguments to alpine.
03:02 Changeset [23940] by broder
In alpine-config: * Disable GSSAPI from the command line if the user is on Exchange. (Trac: #312)
02:40 Ticket #305 (cluster-login-config should kick gdm and init) closed by broder
fixed: This was moved into production a long time ago. Not sure why it wasn't …


10:44 Ticket #322 (Installer should verify installability) created by jdreed
Currently, it is possible to end up with a b0rked machine (say, because …


21:29 Changeset [23939] by broder
In moira: * Add a missing conflicts to make upgrades run more smoothly.
20:55 Changeset [23938] by broder
In moira: * Include the headers in debathena-libmoira-dev. * Install update_test in moira-clients instead of moira-update-server.
14:29 Changeset [23937] by broder
In zephyr-config: * Update dependencies for zephyr 3.0.
14:28 Changeset [23936] by broder
In discuss: * Depend on Kerberos-enabled zephyr instead of build-depending.
14:27 Ticket #274 (New debathena-discuss-server breaks mail feeds and local access) closed by broder
13:49 Changeset [23935] by broder
In finger: * Prefer newer versions of the Kerberized zephyr libraries over older ones.
13:48 Changeset [23934] by broder
In moira, prefer newer versions of the Kerberized libraries over older ones.
13:43 Changeset [23933] by broder
In moira: * Fix zephyr dependencies to actually pull in Kerberized libraries; drop build-dep on Kerberized library.
13:36 Changeset [23932] by broder
In moira: * New CVS snapshot.
11:43 Ticket #321 (AFS cache should not be snapshotted) created by geofft
I don't think we do anything special to make the AFS cache not …


19:24 Changeset [23931] by broder
In alpine-config: * Use SSL for the default folder collection. This is necessary for Exchange to work.
18:54 Ticket #239 (Firefox 3 against AFS homedirs has bad performance) closed by broder
worksforme: I've never observed this to be a problem, and in spite of repeatedly …
14:26 Changeset [23930] by broder
debathena-libzephyr-krb is not actually necessary, as we don't need to build-dep on libzephyr-krb anywhere.
14:03 Changeset [23929] by broder
In finger: * Drop unneeded build-dep on libzephyr3-krb.
13:49 Changeset [23928] by broder
Create a debathena-libzephyr-krb metapackage for depending on either libzephyr3-krb or libzephyr4-krb.
13:33 Changeset [23927] by broder
In lert: * Always build without krb4.
13:19 Changeset [23926] by broder
In finger, actually drop the krb4 configure flag in debian/rules.
13:11 Changeset [23925] by broder
In finger: * Instead of explicitly linking against krb4, let libzephyr pull in whatever it needs. Copyright (C) 1989 by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Export of this software from the United States of America may require a specific license from the United States Government. It is the responsibility of any person or organization contemplating export to obtain such a license before exporting. */
11:35 Changeset [23924] by broder
In sendbug: * Debathena is no longer beta.


14:47 Changeset [23923] by amb
In the network autoconfig applied to cluster installs, set some default nameservers so resolution will work before bind9 starts.
01:30 FixingLiblocker created by broder
00:43 Ticket #311 (Please add wine to extra-software) closed by broder
fixed: wine was added to debathena-thirdparty-library for the time being, but it …


21:01 Changeset [23922] by broder
In discuss: * Patch discuss server to work without krb4. Patch by Mitch Berger.
15:56 Ticket #320 (use software from Athena: file exists while symlinking) created by yinchun
Hi, After I renew and add matlab, it says: matlab_v7.8: Could not …


23:15 Changeset [23921] by broder
In discuss: * Always build without krb4.
22:30 Changeset [23920] by broder
In discuss: * Fix local/dumb authentication needed for mail delivery and local client usage. Patch by Mitch Berger. (Trac: #274)
13:23 Changeset [23919] by broder
In firefox-wrapper: * When creating the profile directory, whitelist the user in the AFS ACL instead of blacklisting system:anyuser and system:authuser.
13:18 Changeset [23918] by broder
In thunderbird-config: * Whitelist the AFS ACL on the Thunderbird profile instead of blacklisting.
11:30 Ticket #319 (debathena-kerberos-config upgrade left behind obsolete conffile) created by andersk
[…] Something else is weird here, too, because the orig file I have is …


22:00 Changeset [23917] by geofft
dasource: Make option parsing not broken.
12:22 Changeset [23916] by broder
Now that numenor is in the grand.central.org CellServDB, we no longer need to add it manually.
12:08 Changeset [23915] by broder
In afs-config: * CellServDB updates.


19:47 Changeset [23914] by geofft
Add wine to debathena-thirdparty (Trac: #311).


17:11 Ticket #318 (Extend nss-nonlocal to support whitelisting nonlocal groups and grplists) created by andersk


18:19 Ticket #317 (All mail clients must use SSL and the appropriate authentication method ...) created by jdreed
Because no one bothered to test hesiod before assuming it would work, we …
16:58 Changeset [23913] by andersk
In mitmailutils: * Replace test for EXCHANGE.MIT.EDU with test for *EXCHANGE*.
16:32 Ticket #316 (Check for IMAP.EXCHANGE.MIT.EDU instead of/in addition to EXCHANGE.MIT.EDU) created by andersk


21:39 Ticket #315 (debathena-ssh-server-config breaks ssh logins without a keytab) created by quentin
If you install debathena-ssh-server-config without having a keytab, ssh …
15:49 Changeset [23912] by amb
...set the preferred mirror in the other place, too. (Though arguably we shouldn't force this for non-cluster installs as we do now.)
15:31 Changeset [23911] by amb
Add an undocumented option to choose an ubuntu mirror for cluster installs. (Mostly for testing weird heisenbugs on some Dell hardware.)
15:29 Changeset [23910] by amb
Force UTC for the hardware clock.
01:45 Ticket #314 (bind mount more stuff) created by geofft
It seems desirable to bind-mount /var/log rather than to discard the …


15:40 Ticket #313 (stella should be able to ignore DNS) created by jdreed
Stella attempts to canonicalize the hostname before performing the moira …
13:04 Ticket #312 (Update Pine default collections for Exchange) created by jdreed
Now that the Exchange migration is back on, /etc/pine.conf should be …


12:50 Ticket #298 (get dpkg 1.15 into Ubuntu) closed by broder
fixed:  LP:393280 was closed today by cjwatson.
01:19 Ticket #188 (<Tab> doesn't switch from username to password field on login screen) closed by broder
fixed: The fix is now in production.
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