18:29 Changeset [24027] by geofft
gdm-config 1.15: Make the code break less, and add Trac closer
17:58 Changeset [24026] by geofft
Add -branding packages as dependencies of their metapackages.
17:57 Changeset [24025] by geofft
In gdm-config: * Display the OS version and Debathena metapackage in the corner of the login screen. * To implement this feature, create debathena-*-branding packages for metapackages that depend on gdm-config.
15:25 Changeset [24024] by broder
Use /usr/share/debathena-gdm-config/{Pre,Post}Session.d instead of /etc/gdm, to avoid potential conflicts with upstream.
14:49 Changeset [24023] by broder
In reactivate: * Use the new /etc/gdm/{Pre,Post}Session.d directories in gdm-config.
14:49 Changeset [24022] by broder
In gdm-config: * Provide /etc/gdm/{Pre,Post}Session.d directories so that multiple packages can insert scripts.
14:30 Changeset [24021] by broder
A 2G build chroot isn't big enough for building the live DVD, so make the chroots bigger.


23:50 Changeset [24020] by broder
Change the autolivebuilder to write into a configurable directory, and sha{1,512}sum the individual files, instead of the entire directory.


19:18 Ticket #388 (config-package-dev maintainer scripts don’t undivert on deconfigure) created by andersk
We currently undivert on prerm when [ "$1" = "remove" ]. This should …
15:49 Changeset [24019] by geofft
In alpine-config: * Suppress a Hesiod error when running alpine on a non-Athena account.


15:27 Ticket #387 ("chmod 755 ~" dialog should offer to do so for you) created by geofft
This involves changing a message prompt to a zenity --question.


22:54 Ticket #292 (debathena-cluster should turn sound off differently) closed by geofft
fixed: Tested by reinstalling lola-granola and hacking up the installer to work …
22:51 Ticket #368 (Change umask to 022 in /usr/lib/init/{ba,c}shrc) closed by geofft
fixed: I've heard no objections; moved to production.


14:37 Ticket #386 (bugme isn't always always on top) created by geofft
I'm not sure why, but I've regularly been able to make my Firefox or xterm …
12:31 Ticket #385 (debathena-misc-glue has undeclared conflict with acroread) created by geofft
The debathena-misc-glue package installs a /usr/bin/acroread attachandrun …
12:21 InterMapTxt edited by geofft
add help.mit.edu (diff)
02:08 Ticket #384 (lpr.debathena should find the cups default printer, and prioritize it ...) created by mitchb
If the owner of a machine uses the GUI printing administration application …
00:38 Changeset [24018] by broder
In moira: * Add patch to fix builds without krb4.
00:16 Changeset [24017] by broder
In moira: * New CVS snapshot.


02:00 Ticket #383 (config-package-dev quoting bug fails to disallow transformation of ...) created by andersk
Our original intention with the config-package-dev API was to disallow …


20:57 Changeset [24016] by broder
In msmtp-config: * Replace shell script with Perl script that respects /etc/aliases. (Trac: #83) Patch by David Wilson.
20:13 Changeset [24015] by broder
Add kdebase to extra-software. (kdebase installs the window manager itself without installing a bunch of Kapps as well.)
20:09 Changeset [24014] by broder
Drop the version number on libmail-expandaliases-perl to 0.46-0debathena1.
20:02 Changeset [24013] by broder
Create a package for the Mail::ExpandAliases Perl module. This will be used for an updated version of the debathena-msmtp-mta which can understand /etc/aliases files.
16:10 Changeset [24012] by geofft
In reactivate: * Avoid sound during first login (Trac: 292). Patch by Michael Mekonnen <mikemeko@mit.edu>.
15:53 Changeset [24011] by broder
In dotfiles: * Stop setting umask in dotfiles. (Trac: #368) Patch by Nancy Ouyang


13:29 Changeset [24010] by geofft
installer: Change the sudo recommendation heuristic to checking its existence.


16:22 Changeset [24009] by geofft
Two user-friendliness tweaks to the installer. - If you have ubuntu-desktop installed, suggest using sudo to become root. - Don't prompt about debathena-build-depends; it's a strange question for normals, and devs are assumed to be able to know how to install this package on their own.
10:01 Changeset [24008] by geofft
In ssh-server-config: * Add a warning if a user logs in without tickets or tokens. (Trac: #205) Patch by Jessica Hamrick <jhamrick@mit.edu>.


14:56 Ticket #382 (Quickstation login times are unacceptable) created by jdreed
This is a separate issue from the fact that login chroots are slow. …
14:07 Ticket #378 (Distribute a gtkrc that enables the LPR backend) closed by broder
13:46 Ticket #381 (people who try to disable bugme should not have athena accounts) created by kcr
Or at _least_, should get logged out if they kill -STOP it.


13:56 Ticket #380 (grenew FTBFS on releases without krb4) created by broder
grenew needs to have the appropriate ifdefs added to allow it to build …
13:40 Ticket #214 (/etc/{bash.bashrc,csh.cshrc}.debathena should not set environment ...) closed by broder
fixed: Moved to production today.
11:46 Ticket #379 (debathena-kerberos-config depends krb4-config, which is gone in squeeze) created by andersk
[…] […]


14:47 Changeset [24007] by broder
In printing-config: * Enable the file, cups, and lpr printing backends (instead of just file and cups).
14:21 Ticket #378 (Distribute a gtkrc that enables the LPR backend) created by jdreed
There are apparently still enough Kerberized printers out there that we …


02:45 Ticket #377 (^C confuses discuss in the middle of a too-long listing) created by geofft
[…] (discuss hangs at this point)


19:47 Ticket #376 (lpq claims jobs are from cups rather than from the workstation) created by geofft
This might be heading towards being irrelevant depending on how the CUPS …
17:12 Ticket #229 (CUPS should not scan the local network for printers) reopened by geofft
WONTFIX is not CANTFIX. This is an actual problem in deployment, and the …


19:07 Changeset [24006] by geofft
I have got to stop using Ubuntu's dch.
19:04 Changeset [24005] by geofft
In shell-config: * Make sure that 'add' etc. are still available in interactive login bash shells, by sourcing bashrc.d/* in profile if needed.
14:31 Changeset [24004] by geofft
command-not-found: Fix typo in changelog.
14:23 Changeset [24003] by geofft
In command-not-found: * Move /usr/bin/whichlocker to /usr/bin/debathena-command-not-found/whichlocker. * Update package description. * Run curl in silent mode from cronjob. Patch by Jessica Hamrick <jhamrick@mit.edu>.
00:40 Ticket #375 (packages punted from live CD are also punted from installed system) created by geofft
I ran the "what packages could satisfy unsatisfied dependencies but aren't …
00:13 Ticket #374 (clean up redundancies in debathena-thirdparty) created by geofft
This is a separate issue from removing unwanted packages from …
00:10 Ticket #373 (figure out how to tell apt to reattempt to satisfy recommendations) created by geofft
If a recommendation isn't satsifiable when a package is installed, as far …


23:44 Ticket #372 (debathena-thirdparty prevents install of newer, conflicting package ...) created by geofft
For instance, libboost-dev is version 1.34, and there's a …
16:17 Changeset [24002] by geofft
Ubuntu's dch sucks.
15:43 Changeset [24001] by geofft
In printing-config: * Insert LPROPT at the beginning of the options, rather than after the first option (which may accidentally split an option and its arguments). * Fix some issues with transformations to the 'args' variable sticking around for a larger scope than they were intended to. This prevents LPROPT from being inserted if we fall back from lprng to cups.


21:13 Ticket #349 (Replace help displayed by panel question mark icon with Athena help) closed by broder
20:00 Ticket #371 (Graphical Installer should suggest use of athena username.) created by afarrell
Desired behaviour: during installation, when the user is asked for a …
15:31 Ticket #370 (Update pyhesiodfs snapshot to add /mit/.locker support) created by geofft
13:53 Ticket #189 (greeter design improvements) closed by jdreed
wontfix: We need to completely redo gdm-config for Karmic, and we're unlikely to …
13:39 Ticket #369 (gdm-config needs to be entirely rewritten for Karmic’s gdm) created by andersk
GDM was rewritten from scratch after Jaunty’s 2.20, and works completely …
11:09 Ticket #368 (Change umask to 022 in /usr/lib/init/{ba,c}shrc) created by jdreed
As per  http://diswww.mit.edu/menelaus/release-team/6393, lets move forward …


16:59 Changeset [24000] by geofft
Add the debathena-command-not-found package. Patch from Jessica Hamrick <jhamrick@mit.edu>.
15:56 Ticket #367 (nss-nonlocal should disallow numeric group names) created by andersk
Currently, chown 0:0 file or chgrp 0 file causes the file to end up …
15:53 Ticket #366 (moira disagrees with glibc’s nss_hesiod about grplist format) created by andersk
glibc is expecting the Hesiod grplist to be a colon-separated list of …
08:58 Ticket #342 (Non-GNOME sessions' terminals are broken in Jaunty) closed by broder
fixed: […] Just went into jaunty-updates today, so this should be fixed.


17:43 Changeset [23999] by broder
Add the new debathena-help-config package to debathena-workstation.
17:26 Ticket #111 (sapgui doesn't work on debathena) closed by alexp
fixed: I copied libstdc++-3-libc6.2-2-2.10.0.so into the locker from an Athena 9 …
17:22 Changeset [23998] by broder
15:38 Ticket #365 (do-release-upgrade should check installability of Debathena) created by jdreed
At release-team today, we talked about the possibility of diverting …
15:35 Changeset [23997] by broder
Source the system default dotfiles before sourcing our own, so that we can actually override stuff. Patch by Jessica Hamrick.
14:38 Ticket #321 (AFS cache should not be snapshotted) closed by jdreed
wontfix: We want to fix slowness by fixing LVM snapshots, not via the AFS cache.
12:50 Ticket #364 (Tab completion for athinfo) created by broder
It would be cool to add tab completion to athinfo. You could use the …
10:36 Changeset [23996] by andersk
‘source’ is a pointless bashism for ‘.’; you can’t use it in /etc/profile. For consistency, don’t use it in /etc/bash.bashrc either.


23:36 Changeset [23995] by geofft
In shell-config: * Don't set environment variables in /etc/{bash.bashrc,csh.cshrc}.debathena (Trac #214)
21:25 Ticket #363 (No tickets on login with identical passwords in debathan-login) created by jhamrick
If your local password and athena passwords are the same, you don't get …
18:30 Changeset [23994] by broder
In kerberos-config: * Cleanup after a filename typo in 1.7.1 (usr.sbin.cups.debathena shouldn't exist). (Trac: #319) configure) ;; abort-upgrade|abort-remove|abort-deconfigure) ;; *) echo "postinst called with unknown argument \`$1'" >&2 exit 1 ;;
18:18 Ticket #337 (Create a cronjob on debuild so the LiveCD is rebuilt automatically) closed by broder
fixed: This successfully ran this morning, so modulo the outstanding quota …


11:48 Changeset [23993] by tabbott
In config-package-dev: * Fix marking transform scripts as executable when DEB_TRANSFORM_SCRIPT_package is used.
11:48 Changeset in config-package-dev [99ecf76] by Tim Abbott <tabbott@…>
mastergeofftjdreed-docsmaster-plus-renamerenametrac-867-interpolatetrac1358Fix marking transform scripts as executable when DEB_TRANSFORM_SCRIPT_package is used. git-svn-id: svn+ssh://svn.mit.edu/athena/trunk/debathena/debathena/config-package-dev@23993 728af825-273c-0410-89f9-f7d3b574a069


14:53 Changeset [23992] by broder
In libpam-krb5-config: * Configure the Kerberos authentication to print an error message if pam_krb5 can't reach the KDC. (Trac: #208) In pam-config: * Configure the Kerberos authentication to print an error message if pam_krb5 can't reach the KDC. (Trac: #208)
09:37 Changeset [23991] by broder
More autolivebuilder typos.
09:33 Changeset [23990] by broder
Fix more autolivebuilder typos
09:13 Changeset [23989] by broder
Fix miscellaneous typos in the autolivebuilder.
09:10 Ticket #346 (nref broken on Debathena's discuss client) closed by broder
fixed: Moved to production last night.
09:10 Ticket #343 (debathena-larvnet does not uninstall cleanly) closed by broder
fixed: Moved to production last night.


21:58 Changeset [23988] by broder
In network-manager-config: * chmod the NetworkManager config file to 600 so NM won't ignore it.
20:46 Changeset [23987] by broder
Expand braces in athinfo.defs file; athinfo uses sh, not bash.
14:49 Changeset [23986] by broder
Don't blindly check-out or pull code from the untrusted debathena-live repo.


22:23 Ticket #362 (login intermittently fails if your .k5login isn't world-readable) created by geofft
jbarnold, mitchb, and probably others I'm forgetting have run into the …
21:26 Ticket #361 (we know that libuuid and mit conflict; don't syslog it) created by geofft
Although we should deal with renumbering mit or whatever we choose to do …
21:15 Ticket #360 (auto-update should clean up .debathena-orig.dpkg-new files) created by geofft
On a couple of Debathena machines I use: […] Zephyr discussion …
21:05 Ticket #359 (Sending all of dmesg to wslogger is kind of obnoxious) created by geofft
cfox reports that the entire kernel boot process is sent to wslogger (see …
20:59 Ticket #358 (debathena-dns-config breaks networking when registration required) created by geofft
As far as I can tell, debathena-dns-config sets up bind to start resolving …
20:42 Ticket #357 (make headphone controls more intuitive) created by geofft
It's generally the case that on clusters, you need to open the full …
20:40 Ticket #356 (Firefox pops up extension list on startup) created by geofft
On some kinds of Firefox startup (I'm not sure about the pattern, although …


17:33 Ticket #355 (pyhesiodfs logs every /mit/* symlink creation to syslog) created by geofft
I'm not sure this is necessary, and it seems vaguely undesirable for …
17:29 Ticket #177 (sensible-browser isn't) reopened by geofft
Replying to geofft: > "I don't think this is actually a …
17:24 Ticket #354 (re-enable Compiz) created by geofft
We disabled Compiz, the upstream default wm, in favor of metacity because …
17:17 Ticket #353 (tty mode login for clusters (a la Ctrl-P)) created by geofft
It would eventually be nice to provide a TTY login mode, both because it's …
16:03 Ticket #351 (PDF printing alignment issue test case) reopened by geofft
15:58 Changeset [23985] by rbasch
In debathena-evolution-wrapper: * Always create a new folder state file after initializing the account in gconf.
15:20 Ticket #351 (PDF printing alignment issue test case) closed by broder
13:20 Ticket #352 (GDM's ~/.xsession-errors should be useful for AFS homedir users) created by jdreed
This is an extension of #153, so that we can track usptream progress. …


22:34 Ticket #351 (PDF printing alignment issue test case) created by geofft
The attached PDF is sheet music from my a cappella group that we printed …
12:10 Ticket #350 (Running gnome-display-properties with fglrx loaded causes X to spin) created by jdreed
If I choose to enable "Restricted drivers" (as many people will), and then …


05:24 Changeset [23984] by broder
One more place I forgot to replace autodebathenify with autolivebuilder.
01:21 Changeset [23983] by geofft
In console: * Fix a line that used a variable before defining it. * Remove unwanted code left around from debugging.


23:49 Ticket #349 (Replace help displayed by panel question mark icon with Athena help) created by geofft
On at least -cluster machines, we should point people for Hermes and OLC …
22:58 Ticket #348 (debathena-xsession probably doesn't uninstall cleanly) created by geofft
This needs testing, but I suspect that our /etc/X11/Xsession.d scripts, …
22:06 Changeset [23982] by broder
In the autolivebuilder, don't forget to cleanup.
22:03 Changeset [23981] by broder
Automate building live CDs, similar to the autodebathenifier.
20:37 Changeset [23980] by geofft
In larvnet: * Check if larvnet-wrapper exists before adding it to STARTUP (Trac: #343).
18:23 Changeset [23979] by broder
Replace (almost) all uses of AC_CHECK_LIB with AC_SEARCH_LIBS.
17:47 Ticket #347 (discuss configure.in uses obsolete AC_TYPE_SIGNAL) created by broder
Apparently AC_TYPE_SIGNAL has been obsoleted, and any uses of RETSIGTYPE …
17:21 Changeset [23978] by broder
In discuss: * Move the single-letter checks in trn_expr.y:yylex to the bottom of the function so that they get caught after commands that start with those letters. (Trac: #346)
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