14:32 Ticket #739 (the installer should not be in an arch symlink farm) created by jdreed
It's entirely pointless for the canonical installer location to be in in …
13:24 Changeset [24905] by jdreed
Add GIMP (Trac #637)


19:27 Ticket #738 (Lower -clients dependency on -nmh-config to recommends) created by andersk
debathena-clients should recommend debathena-nmh-config instead of …


20:36 Ticket #737 (debathena-apparmor-config 1.2~ubuntu10.10 fails to install) created by zev
After trying to install debathena-apparmor-config (1.2~ubuntu10.10), I get …


13:17 PackageNamesWeDidntUse edited by xavid


16:36 Ticket #736 (cluster installer prompts for VG overwrite when installing on a completely ...) created by amb
The cluster installer should work unattended, but instead it needs an …
16:22 Changeset [24904] by amb
If this option is preseeded, partman blows up with a "VG name in use" error. When selected manually it works fine. It would appear that people installing -cluster on completely blank disks get to type <enter> an extra time for now. LP:154086
15:52 Ticket #709 (debathena-thunderbird-config is broken) closed by jdreed
15:48 Changeset [24903] by jdreed
Divert default background to make failed machines more conspicuous
14:29 Changeset [24902] by amb
As of 10.04 partman wants extra confirmation if there's no disklabel at all.
13:22 PackageNamesWeDidntUse edited by xavid
13:08 PackageNamesWeDidntUse edited by xavid
11:13 Changeset [24901] by amb
Don't reconfirm network settings for cluster installs. (They also shouldn't be reconfirmed for other installs once they've been manually confirmed, but that's harder.)


15:23 Changeset [24900] by amb
Switch to installing Lucid by default; all options now kexec.
12:46 Changeset [24899] by amb
Add debathena/pxetype as a config option for non-cluster installs via kexec.
12:12 Changeset [24898] by geofft
install-debathena.sh: Add Maverick.


14:31 Ticket #735 (make a Dropbox installer) created by geofft
This has absolutely nothing to do with Debathena other than people keep …


19:16 Changeset [24897] by jdreed
Be clearer about what we actually mean
16:24 Ticket #734 (manpages.debathena.org) created by geofft
We should have something like  http://manpages.ubuntu.com/. One approach …


00:01 WorkflowPolicy edited by jdreed


23:45 WorkflowPolicy edited by jdreed
16:16 MetapackagePolicy edited by jdreed


20:11 Changeset [24896] by geofft
In machtype: * Support Ubuntu 10.10.
15:01 Changeset [24895] by jdreed
In shell-config: * Make renew work for cells other than athena.mit.edu
14:38 Changeset [24894] by amb
Provide the install log via athinfo on cluster machines.
13:49 Ticket #733 (renew should use fsid -a, not aklog) created by jdreed
renew fails miserably for people whose homedirs aren't in the AFS cell. …
10:42 Ticket #732 (thunderbird-config should use new autoconfig) created by jdreed
(This is the second half of #709) With Thunderbird 3, dropping .cfg files …
10:26 Changeset [24893] by jdreed
8 spaces != tab


00:42 Ticket #731 (update-manager should warn that third-party sources may not support the ...) created by jdreed
This is kind of the second half of #365. With  LP:147080, third party …


21:59 Ticket #730 (debathena-nsswitch-config should divert initctl to unset ...) created by andersk
debathena-nsswitch-config should divert /sbin/initctl with a wrapper that …
00:50 Ticket #729 (from uses alternatives now) created by geofft
As of Maverick or something, from uses /etc/alternatives instead of just …
00:46 Ticket #672 (Build for Maverick) closed by geofft
fixed: lizdenys is too cool for Trac.


15:58 Changeset [24892] by geofft
extra-software-nox: drscheme is now plt-scheme
15:24 Changeset [24891] by geofft
install-debathena: Preinstall aptitude, since maverick doesn't have it
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16:07 Changeset [24890] by jdreed
Add Trac closer
16:06 Changeset [24889] by jdreed
In thunderbird-config: * Unbreak Thunderbird 3 by temporarily making the package do nothing * Inform the user that configuration no longer works.


13:09 Ticket #728 (Installer should be more robust to network suckage) created by jdreed
This is partially #623, but also a different problem. In 57 today, the …


14:17 Changeset [24888] by lizdenys
add .debathena to our copy of the afs session pam config file
14:07 Changeset [24887] by lizdenys
fixed typo in DEB_REMOVE_FILES for conflicting pam-auth-update
03:40 Changeset [24886] by geofft
dasource: Tell me whether I want sbuildhack -A or not
02:24 Changeset [24885] by lizdenys
In pam-config: * DEB_REMOVE_FILES conflicting pam-auth-update config file shipped in libpam-afs-session 1.7-2. We do this for two reasons: we want to get tokens in the cell of the user's home directory and the reason documented in README.pam-afs-session. (Trac: #679)
01:06 Changeset [24884] by geofft
do-build: Oops, --setup-hook is an sbuild option, not an schroot one This is getting a bit ugly. We should have a better way of downloading source packages.
00:36 Changeset [24883] by geofft
do-build: Add --setup-hook=chroot-sources to schroot calls We no longer have Debathena's sources.list entries in the default build chroots; they need to be added explicitly if we want to do things with Debathena packages.
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