16:33 Changeset [25137] by jdreed
In athinfod-cluster-config: * Read the correct files in update-schedule (Trac #910) * Remove 'test -r' (Trac #909)
16:30 Ticket #910 (athinfo update-schedule reads the wrong file) created by jdreed
update-schedule reads a file which has never had the update schedule in …
16:22 Ticket #909 (athinfo.defs shouldn't test files before cat'ing them) created by jdreed
We want to be able to differentiate between "empty file" and ENOENT. …
16:07 Changeset [25136] by jdreed
In printing-config: * Kill LPROPT with fire (Trac: #882) * That's not how you spell 'nonexistent'
15:43 Changeset [25135] by jdreed
In printing-config: * Don't barf on unexpected args (Trac #719)
13:02 Changeset [25134] by jdreed
In firefox-wrapper: * Use modutil to detect when a user has borked their security database (Trac: #698) * Add dependency on libnss3-tools for the above change
09:38 Changeset [25133] by jdreed
In alpine-config: * Use ldap-too.mit.edu, not ldap.mit.edu (Trac: #392) In ldap-config: * Use ldap-too, not ldap (Trac: #392)


15:24 Changeset [25132] by jdreed
In athinfod-cluster-config: * Add support for dmesg and /var/log/messages (Trac #879) * Use new cluster test and depend on relevant athinfod version (Trac #906)
14:22 Ticket #751 (Begin de-support effort for Hardy) closed by jdreed
fixed: Done.  278
14:20 InterMapTxt edited by jdreed
13:52 ReleaseSupport edited by jdreed
13:11 Ticket #908 (accept hostnames instead of IP address in installer) closed by jdreed
duplicate: See #622
13:10 Ticket #908 (accept hostnames instead of IP address in installer) created by geofft
I kind of want to be able to enter e.g. "yaz-pistachio" or "w20-575-10" or …
00:51 Ticket #907 (deluser --remove-all-files should not search AFS) created by geofft
This is a tracking bug for  bugs:27441, which was reported upstream as …
00:19 Ticket #906 (athinfod-cluster-config should use is_cluster(1)) created by kaduk
In #742, we added an is_cluster script intended to be better than just …


15:50 Ticket #905 (Investigate fglrx) created by jdreed
Investigate whether fglrx is a good idea and maintainable in the cluster …
15:49 Ticket #904 (Installer bootstrapping stuff should be at least Maverick) created by jdreed
Currently, we still use Jaunty for the initial basic bootstrapping in PXE. …
14:40 Ticket #903 (See if Pharos can support raw PostScript) created by geofft
It's reported that it's currently the case that with -o raw, you can …
13:41 Ticket #902 (Find a good way to deploy unpackaged software) created by jdreed
I think what we really want is a good way to deploy unpackaged software …


13:59 Ticket #901 (usb-creator-gtk doesn't work on cluster) created by jdreed
I suspect this is due to poor interaction between the horrible things we …


11:48 Ticket #900 (Parallel builds of discuss can fail due to unsafe Makefile) created by achernya
The Makefile in discuss/server has the following block: […] When …


16:04 Ticket #899 (regapplet text is borked) created by jdreed
See  bugs:27557 for a full description, but basically text is truncated …


10:53 Ticket #898 (discuss doesn't support building shared libraries) closed by jdreed
duplicate: See #70.
10:29 Ticket #898 (discuss doesn't support building shared libraries) created by mitchb
srsly? We should embrace the 90's or something. Anyway, in as much as we …


14:32 Ticket #877 (Re-sync moira with source) closed by jdreed
00:41 Ticket #897 (PXE installer sets non-cluster hostnames to install-target-host) created by geofft
There's code in …


18:24 Ticket #896 (Source should be trivially usable on not-Debathena) created by jdreed
Now that we're the canonical Athena source, some packages should be …
12:49 Ticket #895 (Switch to hpijs drivers for our printing) created by jdreed
The world has given up on PostScript?, and we should too. The hpijs pcl3 …
10:24 Ticket #894 (Consider changing display sleep time) created by jdreed
Currently, the display sleep time is 30 minutes, and the screensaver is 5. …


22:36 PackageNamesWeDidntUse edited by kaduk


19:50 Changeset [25131] by geofft
Rename install-debathena.sh to install-debathena.beta.sh This way there's a manual step involved between "svn up" and a new installer going live.


17:37 Ticket #893 (CUPS is now unwilling to have no default printer) created by geofft
On linerva (CUPS 1.3.8): […] On tyger (CUPS 1.4.4): […] I think …
09:39 Ticket #892 (Consider adding a web page to walk people through c-p-d examples) created by jdreed
Recent e-mail exchanges suggest that we need to provide a slightly simpler …


13:57 Ticket #891 (Consider setting Lynx' STARTFILE to something less stupid) created by jdreed
Lynx's startfile is currently " http://lynx.isc.org", which apparently …
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