12:49 Ticket #670 (CUPS 1.3 clients can't get queue state from CUPS 1.4 servers) closed by jdreed
wontfix: There is nothing we care about that still has CUPS 1.3
10:58 Ticket #1284 (Ringtail build) created by jdreed
We need to start on this early, particularly to decide whether we're going …


11:12 Ticket #1041 (Ejecting removable media results in spurious errors on Natty cluster) closed by jdreed


03:02 Changeset [25803] by geofft
In dotfiles: * Quote harder in cshrc, because tcsh's philosophy is apparently that one can never have enough quoting. (This fixes a bug spotted by Alex Dehnert where passing tcsh -c a command with an embedded newline would print a spurious error message.)


02:33 Changeset [25801] by geofft
Tell subversion about files added/removed in config-package-dev 4.14
02:23 Changeset [25802] by geofft
Tell subversion about another file removed in config-package-dev 4.14


11:06 Changeset [25800] by geofft


04:55 Changeset [25799] by adehnert
mutt-config: dealing with etch support is no longer needed


17:51 Changeset in config-package-dev [1b11868] by Geoffrey Thomas <geofft@…>
jdreed-docsCreate Debian::Debhelper::config_package to share encode/decode functions This is used both by dh_divert and the standalone encode and decode scripts.
17:51 Changeset in config-package-dev [a158c07] by Geoffrey Thomas <geofft@…>
jdreed-docsAdd dh_configpackage command and dh --with config-package sequencer extension
17:48 Changeset in config-package-dev [44058f1] by Geoffrey Thomas <geofft@…>
mastergeofftjdreed-docsmaster-plus-renamerenametrac-867-interpolatetrac1358Release config-package-dev 4.14, and update maintainer and uploaders.
15:31 Ticket #1283 (Lucid cannot upgrade to Precise) created by jdreed
Jacob initially encountered this on his workstation. I just encountered …
03:15 Linerva edited by adehnert
02:49 Ticket #1181 (Policy on security updates) closed by adehnert
fixed: achernya reports: > Furthermore, #1180 and #1181 are not solvable, because …


02:43 Ticket #1265 (Discourage zombie moshes) closed by andersk
fixed: mosh now prints a loud blue warning about each of your other detached Mosh …


01:35 Changeset in config-package-dev [ccd4ff3] by Geoffrey Thomas <geofft@…>
mastergeofftjdreed-docsmaster-plus-renamerenametrac-867-interpolatetrac1358config-package.mk: Fix a slightly misleading comment
01:35 Changeset in config-package-dev [9240aa7] by Geoffrey Thomas <geofft@…>
mastergeofftjdreed-docsmaster-plus-renamerenametrac-867-interpolatetrac1358Document reverse-resolving diversions when defaulting DEB_CHECK_FILES_SOURCE.
01:35 Changeset in config-package-dev [0220939] by Geoffrey Thomas <geofft@…>
mastergeofftjdreed-docsmaster-plus-renamerenametrac-867-interpolatetrac1358divert.mk: Finish writing a sentence in the comments.


15:28 Ticket #1282 (Dell 7010 DVI-I stupidity) created by jdreed
The 7010s, when using DVI-I to VGA, display borked video (either a rapid …


14:56 AthenaDotfiles created by jdreed
12:07 SettingUpABuildServer edited by jdreed
12:06 SettingUpABuildServer edited by jdreed
12:04 SettingUpABuildServer edited by jdreed
11:42 Changeset [25798] by jdreed
Include absolute path to files in patch
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