10:14 Ticket #1349 (Rebuild debathena-machtype for jessie) closed by jdreed


13:53 Ticket #1363 (Re-import moira to pick up new firewall changes) closed by jdreed
fixed: Laura and I independently tested this, so it goes to production now.
12:39 Changeset [26033] by jdreed
Do not in fact remove libtool; remove the kerberos incremental Makefile
11:51 Changeset [26032] by jdreed
In moira: * Re-import moira at r4114 to pick up bugfix


09:39 Ticket #1368 (polkit is dumb on cluster machines) created by jdreed
See  27623. Polkit should prompt for the user's password, as it …
09:11 Ticket #1367 (Consider archiving old releases) created by jdreed
We haven't cleaned up the APT repo since Intrepid. (At least, I don't see …


20:53 Ticket #1366 (screensaver logout should be even more insistent) created by jdreed
Apparently there's still sometimes wackiness going on in that various apps …
18:22 Changeset [26031] by geofft
build-server: nobuild on Lucid, which doesn't have dh 8
00:57 Changeset [26030] by achernya
In locker: * Convert to dh7 * Update build system to use automake * Provide a pkg-config file * Switch from pioctl to k_pioctl * Don't build for squeeze and lucid, OpenAFS 1.4 is too old
00:23 Changeset [26029] by achernya
In aclocal: * Convert to dh7 * Include Russ Allbery's excellent AFS and KRB5 detection macros in preparation to transition away from the old-style Athena macros.


18:14 PackageNamesWeDidntUse edited by achernya
17:38 Changeset [26028] by achernya
Move things the right way...
17:29 Changeset [26027] by achernya
In moira: * Switch to source format 3.0 (quilt)
17:21 Changeset [26026] by achernya
In moira: * Switch to dh7 * Bump standards version
16:51 Changeset [26025] by jdreed
Pick a less stupid version number
15:48 Ticket #1365 (shellinabox should set HSTS flag) created by geofft
We should use  HTTP Strict Transport Security
11:57 Ticket #1364 (athinfo query for idle time) created by jdreed
Using athinfo, if someone is logged in, I should be able to determine if …
11:51 Ticket #1019 (Bad UI for passing jobs off to someone else) closed by jdreed
fixed: rlpr has no problem doing this without SUID root. `rlpr -Ugeofft …
10:41 Ticket #1363 (Re-import moira to pick up new firewall changes) created by jdreed
10:40 Changeset [26024] by jdreed
In moira: * Snapshot moira at r4113 to pick up new firewall-related changes
10:17 Changeset [26023] by jdreed
Release 1.5.4, needed as a no-change rebuild to recover from r25985
10:01 Changeset [26022] by jdreed
In mitmailutils: * Fix regression failure from CDBS version: install from and its manpage as from.debathena * Remove the .DA macro from the 'from' man page because it's not a thing anymore; move date to .TH macro * Build-dep on dh 7.0.50 because we need override targets
03:12 Changeset [26021] by achernya
In reactivate: * Don't forget the divert-extension for hidden files


15:50 Changeset [26020] by achernya
Version better
15:50 Changeset [26019] by achernya
In athrun: * attachandrun is architecture-independent, mark it appropraitely
04:47 Changeset [26018] by achernya
Pay closer attention to version numbers
04:46 Changeset [26017] by achernya
In athrun: * Install compatibility symlinks in attachandrun so it also appears in /bin * Stop using a fully-qualified path to attachandrun in athrun and gathrun
04:18 Changeset [26016] by achernya
Release login-graphical 1.4
04:11 Changeset [26015] by achernya
Release chromium-config 1.0
03:52 Changeset [26014] by achernya
Patches are hard
03:49 Changeset [26013] by achernya
Release lam and rs harder, they're not native
03:43 Changeset [26012] by achernya
Release lam and rs
03:40 Changeset [26011] by achernya
In reactivate: * Remove old c-p-d undivert code, it's no longer needed * Stop processing schroot.conf in the preinst
03:04 Changeset [26010] by achernya
svn sucks at properties. Set transform_system.conf.debathena to be executable
03:02 Changeset [26009] by achernya
Spell transform_su correctly
02:58 Changeset [26008] by achernya
In reactivate: * Convert to dh7
02:24 Changeset [26007] by achernya
Release mitmailutils 10.2-0debathena1
02:12 Changeset [26006] by achernya
Release saferm 10.1-0debathena1
01:53 Changeset [26005] by achernya
Release desync 10.2-0debathena1
01:48 Changeset [26004] by achernya
Release hostinfo 10.1-0debathena1
01:43 Changeset [26003] by achernya
Release sendbug 10.1-0debathena1
01:36 Changeset [26002] by achernya
Release bugme 10.0.5-0debathena2
00:30 Changeset [26001] by achernya
Actually, bump athinfo's upstream version, it changed more than packaging
00:28 Changeset [26000] by achernya
Release athinfo 10.1-0debathena2


23:48 Changeset [25999] by achernya
In athrun: * Build-dep on python-support
15:09 Ticket #1362 (maintainer script function names wrong in c-p-d 5.x) created by jdreed
We were a bit too aggressive converting "divert" to "displace". …
07:55 Changeset [25998] by vasilvv
Fix debathena-chromium-config per review notes: * Use substvar to specifically depend upon the correct chromium package * Avoid pulling in space shooter by explicitly specifying chromiun (>= 1) * Fail if configuration file transform does not work
06:42 InterMapTxt edited by andersk
03:35 Ticket #1361 (Ship python-zephyr) created by adehnert
It would be nice to ship python-zephyr …


14:57 Ticket #1360 (Convert everything to automake) created by jdreed
This is the athfsck thing that achernya and vasilvv have been working on. …
14:54 Ticket #338 (Consider desupporting more older sysnames) closed by jdreed
fixed: i386_linux24 and i386_rhel3 are now dead on things that are Wheezy/Raring?
14:53 Ticket #145 (We should make an Athena plymouth theme) closed by jdreed
14:52 Ticket #1337 (Fix machtype version skew) closed by jdreed
14:52 Ticket #1060 (/etc/krb.* transition not managed well) closed by jdreed
14:52 Ticket #476 (Follow-up with Kernel on ENOEXEC/ENOENT for libc5 binaries) closed by jdreed


09:57 Ticket #1359 (debathena-lightdm-greeter should support password expiration) created by othomas
The greeter's PAM conversation is not full implemented -- it is able to …
08:27 Changeset in config-package-dev [3379330] by Jonathan Reed <jdreed@…>
mastergeoffttrac-867-interpolatetrac1358Don't harcode dpkg-divert (Trac: #1358)
08:25 Ticket #1358 (config-package-dev should not hardcode dpkg-divert path) created by jdreed
Per  709009. It only does this in the CPD code, in …


12:50 Ticket #1357 (package the Scripts apache modules) created by jdreed
We should package these, because Evan's PPA apparently bitrotted. …
03:39 Ticket #1356 (Debian certificate store does not trust InCommon signer) created by geofft
[…] You see the same sort of thing with an OpenSSL-using client …


23:58 Changeset [25997] by vasilvv
In login-graphical: * Recommend chromium-config.
23:57 Changeset [25996] by vasilvv
In chromium-config: * Initial release.
16:28 Changeset [25995] by jdreed
Name directory correctly
16:23 Changeset [25994] by achernya
Kill the old schroot in debathena/third
16:03 PackageNamesWeDidntUse edited by achernya
16:01 Changeset [25993] by wpreston
switch to local copy of syslinux. logging changes. stop vm after test completion.


16:18 PackageNamesWeDidntUse edited by achernya
PGP is involved (diff)
08:09 Ticket #1091 (Install rubber in extra-software or something) reopened by achernya
Reopening, because it's a bit ridiculous this package isn't part of a …


17:08 Ticket #1355 (config-package-dev: Provide Lintian checks) created by geofft
We should make sure that packages using config-package-dev have […] in …
16:37 Ticket #1354 (config-package-dev: Add Built-Using field to binary packages involving ...) created by geofft
It's useful for lots of reasons to know what version of a package was the …
12:53 Changeset [25992] by jdreed
Build-dep on things that we transform


20:53 Ticket #1353 (Stop modifying /etc/services) created by vasilvv
This has been already discussed on Zephyr (without any specific outcome, …
17:15 Ticket #1352 (AFS slow on athena.dialup.mit.edu?) created by kchen
zcrypt, both in barnowl, and outside barnowl, is slow on …
17:03 Changeset [25991] by jdreed
- Update the profile config script to actually refer to the profile's version of the files - Update manpage to reflect the depressing reality of UDisks
11:58 Changeset [25990] by jdreed
- Set SCRIPTCFG unconditionally in make-chroot - Add a man page and install it


21:19 Changeset [25989] by achernya
In rs: * Import FreeBSD rs (Sun Nov 6 08:16:35 2011 +0000) * Switch to dh7 * Switch to source format 3.0 (quilt) * Bump debian/compat to 7 * Bump standards version to 3.9.3
21:03 Changeset [25988] by achernya
In lam: * Import FreeBSD lam (Sun Nov 6 18:49:41 2011 +0000) * Switch to dh7 * Switch to source format 3.0 (quilt)
19:31 Changeset [25987] by achernya
In athinfo: * Remove dh-buildinfo
02:25 Changeset [25986] by vasilvv
Add missing files
02:24 Changeset [25985] by vasilvv
In mitmailutils: * Use debhelper7 * Create bin/ and man/ directories for organization purposes * Bump upstream version * Switch to source format 3.0 (quilt)
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