15:44 Ticket #1401 (Enable multiverse in the Ubuntu build chroots) created by jdreed
We should enable multiverse in the chroots.
12:39 WorkingWithTheRepository created by jdreed


17:31 Ticket #1400 (Make debathena compatible with non-x86 Debian ports) created by vasilvv
Currently we are blocking on three things I am aware of: 1. Lack of build …
14:39 Ticket #858 (discuss server gets random UID) closed by jdreed
wontfix: This is another "Debathena is not Athena 9" bug report, to which the …
13:42 Ticket #820 (debathena-metrics should only accept messages from the kernel) closed by jdreed
fixed: geofft apparently committed this back in 2011 as  metrics:077cee23
13:42 InterMapTxt edited by jdreed
13:29 Milestone Summer 2013 completed
13:29 Milestone Raring Ringtail completed
11:19 Ticket #986 (nss_nonlocal race condition) closed by jdreed
11:19 Ticket #861 (Purging one arch of multiarch libnss-nonlocal deletes the magic users and ...) closed by jdreed
11:19 Ticket #1203 (nss_nonlocal: initgroups_dyn should return success when adding only magic ...) closed by jdreed
11:16 Ticket #866 (debathena-apparmor-config needs to undivert/unremove stuff) closed by jdreed
10:50 Ticket #886 (Unlocking screen messes with zwgc's auth) closed by jdreed
workaround: I poked at this today. It's not really fixable, because …


02:57 Ticket #1399 (/usr/prototype_user/welcome shouldn't reference N42) created by kchen
/usr/prototype_user/welcome shouldn't reference N42. (And if the actual …


12:32 Ticket #1395 (Add coq, coqide and proofgeneral for 6.820) closed by jdreed


05:09 PackageNamesWeDidntUse edited by vasilvv
5 am edit! (diff)


11:57 Ticket #1192 (ipython missing in debathena-precise-cluster) closed by jdreed


16:47 Ticket #1398 (Separate scripts/build-server and scripts/installer into separate repos) created by jdreed
These should be separate repositories.
14:54 Ticket #1102 (Consider switching to git) closed by jdreed
14:53 Ticket #1397 (Create Git repository management scripts) created by jdreed
These includes scripts to: - create a repository (and its companion on …
14:36 Ticket #859 (publicly-readable real-time Subversion repo access) closed by jdreed
wontfix: This is pronounced "Github"
13:56 Ticket #655 (remote syslog includes hostname twice) closed by jdreed
wontfix: We're now using rsyslogd on urania.
13:49 Ticket #1385 (Build scripts still assume svn) closed by jdreed
fixed: dasource has been fixed and deployed to the locker. arch/@sys/bin.svn is …


17:31 GitRepositoryDetails edited by vasilvv
Script is now in git (diff)
15:56 GitRepositoryDetails edited by vasilvv
fix path (diff)


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12:14 Ticket #1148 (Bump PXE server to Precise pending HW support) closed by jdreed
fixed: This is in place. I'm keeping the "testing" label at 12.04.0, under the …
10:56 Ticket #1096 (dasource should intelligently handle repo URL) closed by jdreed
invalid: You can pass a repo URL, it just has to have the same layout as upstream. …
10:53 Ticket #1393 (Trac XMLRPC script) closed by jdreed
fixed: TTL expired
10:01 PXEInstall edited by jdreed


23:20 PackageNamesWeDidntUse edited by achernya


12:13 Ticket #1396 (User-friendly front-end for Trac for bug reporting and enhancements) created by jdreed
It would be super awesome if there was a web form you could fill out to …
11:57 Ticket #1395 (Add coq, coqide and proofgeneral for 6.820) created by jdreed
11:20 Ticket #1394 (add xmobar to thirdparty) created by kaduk
We supply xmonad itself, and adding xmobar as well seems reasonable. …


16:18 Ticket #1319 (Better SIAB certificate on dialups) closed by jweiss
16:17 Ticket #1286 (mtr doesn't work on athena.dialup.mit.edu) closed by jweiss
fixed: now deployed on production dialups
09:56 Ticket #1393 (Trac XMLRPC script) created by jdreed
We should have one, for a Git post-commit hook and for daupload and …
09:22 Ticket #1392 (add should tell you if the locker isn't available) created by jdreed
Add should do some sanity checking with AFS. Right now, you can add a …


23:01 PackageNamesWeDidntUse edited by vasilvv
I hate daconfiscate (diff)
14:05 Ticket #1391 (Flatten /mit/debathena/packages hierarchy) created by jdreed
Because it makes no sense anymore. We should also do some cleanup in …
11:46 Ticket #482 (pyhesiodfs exception on install) closed by adehnert
fixed: Presumably fixed when moving #1329 to prod.
11:11 Ticket #187 (daupload errors if you tell it to go on in spite of files missing) closed by jdreed
wontfix: I'm trying to envision a situation in which it's a good idea to continue …


04:10 Ticket #1390 (Deprecate xlock) created by vasilvv
Alex suggests that it has been a long time since xlock has been a …


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