18:58 Ticket #1343 (Encourage classes to use athena.dialup) closed by jweiss
18:44 Ticket #1492 (debathena-cupsys-config's init script fights with Upstart in Trusty) created by jdreed
On trusty, cupsd consistently fails to be running. This is due to a …
08:45 TrustyTesting edited by jdreed
08:41 TrustyTesting edited by jdreed
08:40 TrustyTesting created by jdreed


18:57 Ticket #1491 (Restore PDF printing in Firefox) created by jdreed
Firefox 30 is now a thing, and printing works once again. We should undo …
18:57 Ticket #1466 (Firefox 29 broke printing from PDF.js) closed by jdreed
18:56 Ticket #1460 (Dependencies on lert are stupid) closed by jdreed
18:54 Ticket #1459 (get_message does not create its cache) closed by jdreed
18:47 Ticket #1230 (build-all Makefile should cleanup .started and .error stamps files) closed by jdreed
invalid: Hopefully irrelevant with debathena-vasilvv-config
18:43 Ticket #1077 (quota(1) is stupid in the pyhesiodfs world) reopened by jdreed
Er, only half of this was done. The other half is basically "merge …
18:42 Ticket #1077 (quota(1) is stupid in the pyhesiodfs world) closed by jdreed
18:42 Ticket #1059 (/etc/gdm/gdm.conf* transition not managed well) closed by jdreed
18:41 Ticket #946 (Restore mwm) closed by jdreed
18:39 Ticket #725 (do-build: package uploads and downloads should share a lock) closed by jdreed
worksforme: Closing this. I did not see it in Natty, Precise, Quantal, or Raring …
18:35 Ticket #1451 (Symlink /usr/share/libctl3 to libctl) closed by jdreed
18:35 Ticket #1449 (python-discuss should actually install /etc/discuss directory) closed by jdreed
15:10 Ticket #1490 (installer should update the apt-file cache) created by jdreed
It's annoying to get prompted for it during the time between installation …


17:00 Ticket #1489 (dconf-config sticks around after an uninstall) created by jdreed
Because all its logic is in conffiles. We should install a flag file, or …
12:33 Ticket #1488 (quotawarn doesn't handle mailquota's output) created by jdreed
Just in time for us to de-support Cyrus, I'll note that quotawarn has been …


12:49 Ticket #1487 (Consider a single location for version history) created by jdreed
In many cases (machtype, gconf2-config, and now dconf), we need to know …
11:16 Ticket #1486 (installer needs to check for Sophos) created by jdreed
If you install Sophos on Linux, it will helpfully block "suspicious" file …


09:56 Ticket #1485 (Configure gtk print backends for gtk3) created by jdreed
We do this for gtk2 in debathena-printing-config, and never updated it for …


15:54 Ticket #1484 (zwgc font problems without xfonts-75dpi) created by jweiss
When setting up my trusty VM, I didn't install -thirdparty, and as a …
15:52 Ticket #1483 (Firefox 30 fixed printing PDFs from pdf.js) created by kaduk
As seen in #1466, the update to Firefox 29 broke printing PDFs from the …


17:16 Ticket #1482 (Update getty.debathena for logind) created by jdreed
ConsoleKit? is not a thing on Precise. Also, it needs better error …
16:21 Ticket #1481 (Unity puts non-ephemeral data in XDG_CACHE_HOME) created by jdreed
Unity is dumb, and puts its first-run stamp (which determines whether it …
11:05 Ticket #1348 (Build for jessie) closed by jdreed
11:04 Ticket #1351 (Replace gettime(8) with rdate(8)) closed by jdreed
11:04 Ticket #1347 (Stop debathenifying schroot) closed by jdreed
11:02 Ticket #1444 (See if we can finally get rid of the pam/schroot hack in reactivate) closed by jdreed
duplicate: #1165
11:00 Ticket #1436 (Update krb5.conf to include domain mapping for EXCHANGE) closed by jdreed
10:58 Ticket #1284 (Ringtail build) closed by jdreed
10:56 Ticket #1223 (daconfiscate breaks with new libtool) closed by jdreed
invalid: daconfiscate is no longer a thing.
10:55 Ticket #1158 (debathena-cluster-login-config cannot be installed from a tty) closed by jdreed
duplicate: This is basically #555
10:55 Ticket #1166 (debathena-dns-config doesn't configure resolv.conf to use closed by jdreed
10:54 Ticket #1125 (debathena-dns-config install hangs on squeeze) closed by jdreed
10:53 Ticket #1113 (Missing LSB headers on /etc/init.d/debathena-dns-config) closed by jdreed
10:51 Ticket #1035 (/dev/xconsole isn't there on natty) closed by jdreed
10:46 Ticket #1465 (add messes up local paths) closed by jdreed


17:11 Ticket #1480 (Trusty (login-graphical) machien gets postfix rather than ...) created by jweiss
When something on my trusty machine depended on mail-transport-agent …


17:29 Ticket #1479 (unity's lock screen doesn't respect gsettings) created by jdreed
It is not possible to disable "Switch User" on unity's new lock screen. …


17:33 Ticket #1478 (policy-rc.d in reactivate gets scribbled over by d-i, and is also obsolete) created by jdreed
There are a couple of problems here: First, /usr/sbin/policy-rc.d is …


03:05 Ticket #1477 (/etc/network/if-up.d/debathena-zephyr-config should use invoke-rc.d) created by andersk
/etc/network/if-up.d/debathena-zephyr-config should use invoke-rc.d (or …


16:17 Ticket #1476 (installer should decouple "unattended" from "cluster") created by jdreed
Right now, the various installer components equate cluster installation …
10:14 Ticket #1475 (phase2 installer should not assume netcfg values are strings) created by jdreed
phase 2 runs: […] This is arguably wrong, and we should either …


13:54 Ticket #1474 (Git hooks are too verbose) created by jdreed
We should suppress things like this, lest it encourage people to ignore …


13:36 Ticket #1473 (Actually remove browsepolling from cupsys-config) created by jdreed
When we switched to Pharos, I apparently did it uncleanly …


12:41 Ticket #1472 (debathena-debian-dev depends on dpatch; identify and kill old packages.) created by jdreed
Lintian does not like this: E: debathena-debian-dev: …


12:17 Ticket #1471 (pidgin doesn't work on the dialups) created by jdreed
"because dbus". More specifically, because dbus-launch has been …
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