17:11 Ticket #1543 (debathena-machtype should not depend openafs-client) created by andersk
debathena-machtype 10.5 changed the build dependency on openafs-client to …


23:16 Changeset in config-package-dev [6b98f6c] by Geoffrey Thomas <gthomas@…>
trac-867-interpolateCleanups per jdreed


04:17 Changeset in config-package-dev [213b6ba] by Geoffrey Thomas <gthomas@…>
trac-867-interpolateInclude the actual perl module in displace.sh.in instead of copying parts of it


23:43 Ticket #1542 (consider adding texmaker to extra-software) created by kaduk


08:50 Ticket #1541 (Move config-package-dev upstream repo to Github) created by jdreed
The c-p-d upstream repo should live somewhere that people can trivially …


21:49 Changeset in config-package-dev [8982712] by Geoffrey Thomas <gthomas@…>
trac-867-interpolateFix undisplace_unhide in prerm - undisplace_unhide() does not take a second argument, so we should not pass the package as a second argument
21:49 Changeset in config-package-dev [480948e] by Geoffrey Thomas <gthomas@…>
trac-867-interpolateTweak the POD text in dh_configpackage - Replace a stray use of "divert" with "displace" (Trac: #1306) - Document the correct format for the .displace-extension file.
21:49 Changeset in config-package-dev [e30d3d9] by Geoffrey Thomas <gthomas@…>
trac-867-interpolateTweak function names in displace.sh.in When renaming the operation from divert to displace, we were a bit too enthusiastic with search-and-replace. This correctly restores "divert" when talking about the dpkg-divert operation (as opposed to the c-p-d operation formerly known as "divert", currently known as "displace").
21:49 Changeset in config-package-dev [73acc28] by Geoffrey Thomas <gthomas@…>
trac-867-interpolateOverride dh_compress for the examples directory - Exclude the examples directory from dh_compress, otherwise the changelogs get compressed and that's dumb.
21:49 Changeset in config-package-dev [8f0005c] by Geoffrey Thomas <gthomas@…>
trac-867-interpolateAutomatic undivert/removal of files (Trac: #867) - Implement the long-awaited automatic undivert/unremoval of files, by saving the names of diverted files in the preinst, and then cleaning them up in the postinst. This will almost certainly interact poorly with changing the displace-extension across upgrades. "Don't do that".
21:49 Changeset in config-package-dev [5287768] by Geoffrey Thomas <gthomas@…>
trac-867-interpolateAdd changelog entries
21:49 Changeset in config-package-dev [1a1b3a0] by Geoffrey Thomas <gthomas@…>
trac-867-interpolateRemove stray 'x' in debathena-bin-example - Remove the stray 'x' in the elinks wrapper script, since it was almost certainly a typo


09:07 Ticket #202 (add -r misbehaves if you create another arch/foo while a locker is added) closed by jdreed
09:07 Ticket #1535 (debathena-dns-config breaks dnsmasq with DHCP) closed by jdreed
09:06 Ticket #1525 (user-defined ~/.xsession gone in Trusty) closed by jdreed
fixed: Moved to production
08:58 Ticket #1540 (add/athdir should tell you if the locker is too old) created by jdreed
add (and similarly, athdir) should be able to tell you if your locker is …


20:34 Ticket #1332 (c-p-d 5.x broke divert.mk) closed by jdreed
20:13 Ticket #1008 (update-manager's "partial upgrade" dialog sometimes shows up with ...) closed by jdreed
ignored: So it turns out this is because of inotify watches in various directories …
18:55 Ticket #572 (dacopy and daremove are different from reprepro {copy,remove}) closed by jdreed
wontfix: In the past 2 years, I've yet to encounter a use case for this, nor can I …
18:45 Ticket #1450 (Ship debathena-yolo with -clients) closed by jdreed
18:38 Ticket #997 (Better dual monitor support out of the box) closed by jdreed
fixed: Upstream fixed this for us and it works out of the box on Trusty.
18:24 Ticket #1398 (Separate scripts/build-server and scripts/installer into separate repos) closed by jdreed
fixed: installer is a separate repo. build-server doesn't get a lot of churn -- …
18:18 Ticket #1220 (Better network recovery in stage 2 installer) closed by jdreed
invalid: Networking is now in stage 1 only. If something breaks in stage2, it's …
17:39 Ticket #703 (find a way to keep "Recent News" up to date) closed by jdreed
fixed: We're using the intertweets for this.
17:38 Ticket #704 (revamp the website) closed by jdreed
fixed: Done. Bikeshed away.
09:42 Ticket #1539 (locker-support's mountpoint mismatch warnings are formatted wrong) created by jdreed


20:00 Ticket #1538 (Kill maverick and oneric sysnames) created by jdreed
Because we're out of space again. Consulting whichlocker's locker list …
19:00 NewBuildSystem edited by vasilvv
add coarse notes from bootstrapping utopic (diff)
18:57 Ticket #1537 (Build for utopic) created by jdreed
And now we have a ticket for it.
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