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The cluster machines differ from debathena-workstation machines in a few ways:

  • serial reusability ("login chroots")
    • Users get root privileges
  • larvnet (workstation monitoring)
  • central syslogging
  • software metrics
  • hardcoded printer list
  • session-duration-limiting software ("bugme", on quickstation only)
  • "thirdparty" software (a giant metapackage pulling in a ton of Ubuntu software)
  • screensavers lock after 10 minutes and can be logged out after 20.
  • A number of disabled services:
    • "fast user switching"
    • sshd

The key packages here are:

  • debathena-kiosk: Creates the "Browse the web/register for account" button the GDM login screen
  • debathena-cluster-login-config: Responsible for disabling tty logins, preventing fast-user-switching, disables some GNOME session types which interact poorly with our environment, installs some mandatory gconf keys.
  • `debathena-larvnet: Creates busyd and larvnet-wrapper, which report the machine's status (free or in use).
  • debathena-reactivate: Provides serial reusability via login chroots, sets the public root password, ensures users are in the correct local admin groups for the duration of their session.
  • debathena-syslog-config: Configures central syslogging to
  • debathena-metrics: Reports the names of binaries executed during the login session. Before you put on your robe and tinfoil hat, read  this
  • debathena-bugme: Quickstations only. Responsible for the 10 minute timer.
  • debathena-recovery-mode-config: Adds some options to the "recovery mode" menu.