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Ticket Summary Status Fixed in version
#1239 stage1 installer shouldn't assume eth0 committed

Ticket Summary Milestone Status Fixed in version
#1 package barnowl for Debathena closed
#2 Merge quilt patches from athrun into mainline Athena tree closed
#3 Merge quilt patches from attach into mainline Athena tree closed
#4 Merge quilt patches from attachandrun into mainline Athena tree closed
#5 Merge quilt patches from discuss into mainline Athena tree closed
#6 Merge quilt patches from finger into mainline Athena tree closed
#7 Merge quilt patches from firefox-extension into mainline Athena tree closed
#8 Merge quilt patches from from into mainline Athena tree closed
#9 Merge quilt patches from getcluster into mainline Athena tree closed
#10 Merge quilt patches from get_message into mainline Athena tree closed
#11 Merge quilt patches from gms into mainline Athena tree closed
#12 Merge quilt patches from lert into mainline Athena tree closed
#13 Merge quilt patches from locker into mainline Athena tree closed
#14 Merge quilt patches from machtype into mainline Athena tree closed
#15 Merge quilt patches from mailquota into mainline Athena tree closed
#16 Merge quilt patches from mailusage into mainline Athena tree closed
#17 Merge quilt patches from mitmailappend into mainline Athena tree closed
#18 Merge quilt patches from mitmailcreate into mainline Athena tree closed
#19 Merge quilt patches from mitmaildel into mainline Athena tree closed
#20 Merge quilt patches from mitmailexp into mainline Athena tree closed
#21 Merge quilt patches from mitmailmove into mainline Athena tree closed
#22 Merge quilt patches from mitmailrename into mainline Athena tree closed
#23 Merge quilt patches from mitmailscan into mainline Athena tree closed
#24 Merge quilt patches from mitmailshow into mainline Athena tree closed
#25 Merge quilt patches from xcluster into mainline Athena tree closed
#26 Merge quilt patches from xdsc into mainline Athena tree closed
#27 Merge quilt patches from Xj into mainline Athena tree closed
#28 Convert debathena-afs-config to the new config-package-dev interface closed
#29 Convert debathena-gconf2-config to the new config-package-dev interface closed
#30 Convert debathena-gdm-config to the new config-package-dev interface closed
#31 Convert debathena-kerberos-config to the new config-package-dev interface closed
#32 Convert debathena-ldap-config to the new config-package-dev interface closed
#33 Convert debathena-pam-config to the new config-package-dev interface closed
#34 Convert debathena-ssh-client-config to the new config-package-dev interface closed
#35 Convert debathena-autofs-config to the new config-package-dev interface closed
#36 Convert debathena-desktop-config to the new config-package-dev interface closed
#37 Convert debathena-finger-config to the new config-package-dev interface closed
#38 Convert debathena-fingerd-config to the new config-package-dev interface closed
#39 Convert debathena-from-config to the new config-package-dev interface closed
#40 Convert debathena-gdm-config to the new config-package-dev interface closed
#41 Convert debathena-hesiod-config to the new config-package-dev interface closed
#42 Convert debathena-linerva to the new config-package-dev interface closed
#43 Convert debathena-linerva-pam-config to the new config-package-dev interface closed
#44 Convert debathena-lprng-config to the new config-package-dev interface closed
#45 Convert debathena-moira-passwd-config to the new config-package-dev interface closed
#46 Convert debathena-nsswitch-config to the new config-package-dev interface closed
#47 Convert debathena-quota-config to the new config-package-dev interface closed
#48 Convert debathena-shell-config to the new config-package-dev interface closed
#49 Convert debathena-ssh-server-config to the new config-package-dev interface closed
#50 Convert debathena-zephyr-config to the new config-package-dev interface closed
#51 Move linerva's Athena build chroot to schroot closed
#52 Package msmtp to be a /usr/lib/sendmail replacement closed
#53 Automate debathenification scripts closed
#54 Create a debathena LiveCD / installation CD closed
#56 Make linerva easier to install closed
#57 Make the "logout" command work in debathena-workstation closed
#58 Make a package to configure Evolution to Just Work with MIT's mailservers closed
#59 Fix discuss on 64-bit closed
#60 Fix all scripts/binaries in AFS that use the wrong path for AFS/Hesiod on Debathena closed
#61 Broaden platform support of alpine closed
#62 Make a debathena-cupsys-config package that uses closed
#63 Generate patch for SbuildHack's version munging feature to submit upstream closed
#64 Fix mh on debathena closed
#65 Change remaining code to use closed
#66 Build Debathena for hardy closed
#67 MIT CA certificate should be managed by update-ca-certificates closed
#68 AUTO_UPDATE_AUTOCONF should be a version number (2.13 or 2.50), not 1 closed
#69 DEB_AUTO_UPDATE_DEBIAN_CONTROL displeases the gods of Debian closed
#71 should only strip the last DEB_DIVERT_EXTENSION closed
#72 Add software people expect to have on Athena to a metapackage closed
#73 Package ktconvert closed
#74 Upgrade nmh based on Debian's 1.3 package Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#75 Convert /mit/debathena/packages to a dasource checkout farm closed
#76 develop system of metapackages to handle openafs modules and kernel upgrades closed
#77 make a package that configures the MIT VPN Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#78 Place the msmtp package that fixes Resent-To in the debathena-system repository closed
#79 DEB_TRANSFORM_FILES only works on Architecture: all closed
#80 debathena-firefox-wrapper is busted closed
#82 afuse broken in Lenny closed
#85 discuss-emacs is horked closed
#87 Debathena doesn’t install on Lenny closed
#88 Lock down chroots on closed
#89 debathena-build-depends is out of date closed
#90 debathena-discuss-server doesn't create inetd/xinetd service closed
#91 lprng-doc and modified lprng source should not go in debathena component closed
#92 Console user group membership/device access closed
#93 debathena-cluster-software package install broken closed
#94 Improve visual appearance of Athena Login Greeter closed
#95 Names for session types need improvement. closed
#96 Automounter should support manually-specified lockers closed
#97 Use unionfs instead of LVM snapshots Karmic Deploy (Canceled) closed
#98 Build server schroots get progressively slower closed
#99 debathena-ntp-config should use transform-files closed
#100 debathena-chrony-config should use transform-files closed
#101 debathena-emacs-config should not include cosmetic changes closed
#102 Set default speaker volume to 0 on cluster machines. closed
#103 Log root commands on cluster systems. closed
#104 Make "setup" command work for bash Summer 2009 Deployment closed
#105 need libssl or lynx cannot run closed
#106 zsr hangs at login closed
#107 Printing from acroread broken closed
#108 lpr without printer name does not work closed
#109 debathena-pam-config updates for Intrepid closed
#110 Build Debathena for Intrepid closed
#111 sapgui doesn't work on debathena Karmic Deploy (Canceled) closed
#112 split debathena-cluster-software: -extra-software, -extra-software-nox closed
#113 problem closed
#115 debathena-gdm-config should restart gdm when uninstalled closed
#118 GUI integration with lockers Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#119 Moira GUI Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#120 Kill Athena finger with fire Natty Release closed
#121 barnowl belongs in debathena-system component closed
#122 pine’s pilot package needs to go away closed
#125 debathena-msmtp-mta should support /etc/aliases; set intelligent Envelope-From Spring 2010 closed
#126 debathena-alpine-config should use DEB_TRANSFORM_FILES closed
#127 debathenificator can't deal with +'s in package versions closed
#129 Package debathena-mutt-config closed
#130 Create debathena-thunderbird-config (and wrapper?) closed
#131 dvips uses a4 paper closed
#132 lastlog is local only Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#133 debathena-zephyr-config should kill off zhm initscript Current Semester new
#134 debathena-zephyr-config should use Hesiod? Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#135 /etc/shells or chsh needs patching closed
#137 system-wide bash_login and login should not unconditionally punt zwgc on dialups closed
#138 LPRng doesn't support -z Fall 2009 Release closed
#139 alpine's spell checker doesn't work Upstream Utopia closed
#141 Firefox extension should update application defaults? Fall 2009 Release closed
#142 Document undocumented changes from Athena 9 closed
#143 Firefox extension not setting homepage closed
#144 debathena-workstation can be installed without ubuntu-desktop closed
#146 unauthenticated 'logout' fails to log out user Fall 2009 Release closed
#147 athdir doesn't work in compatibility mode (ie: linuxbin) closed
#148 Failsafe GNOME isn't actually failsafe Summer 2009 Deployment closed
#151 Cleanup VISUAL, term, xresize Summer 2009 Deployment closed
#153 Do something clever with ~/.xsession-errors so that the dialog box is useful Summer 2009 Deployment closed
#154 We should implement a zenity dialog for people who are running tracker closed
#155 acroread attempts to use CUPS-specific optoins to lpr closed
#156 Everything should check ATHENA_USER closed
#157 sendbug cancel fails closed
#158 distinguish cluster from workstation machine on login screen Fall 2009 Release closed
#159 ~/.pinerc sometimes refers to Karmic Deploy (Canceled) closed
#160 Live CD needs improvement for general consumption Fall 2009 Release closed
#163 debathena-auto-update should know about apt-release clusterinfo closed
#165 HPET clock is broken on Dell 760 Hardware Summer 2009 Deployment closed
#166 Upstream AppArmor should be configurable to follow symlinks Upstream Utopia new
#168 busyd doesn't work closed
#169 Live CD adjustments for debathena-login-graphical closed
#170 elinks fifo problem in debathena-login closed
#171 Test ticket. Please disregard closed
#172 Make a website with information about -proposed Fall 2009 Release closed
#173 debathena-pam-config 1.14 FTBFS on squeeze closed
#174 kerberos-config 1.7 FTBFS on Debian closed
#175 mitmailutils ignore $ATHENA_USER closed
#176 mitmail* really want to be a single package closed
#177 sensible-browser isn't Upstream Utopia reopened
#178 debathena-auto-update should start logging sooner closed
#179 File bug about bad sources.list typo error message Upstream Utopia closed
#180 athinfo manpage out of date closed
#181 Remove Athena 10 key from debathena-archive-keyring closed
#182 RM: debathena-athena-chroot Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#186 debathena-afs-config should `fs newcell` in postinst closed
#188 <Tab> doesn't switch from username to password field on login screen closed
#189 greeter design improvements Karmic Deploy (Canceled) closed
#190 Removing debathena-counterlog mails root once a day closed
#191 Report bug about Alpine unable to view HTML documents Upstream Utopia new
#192 Investigate potential xscreensaver config weirdness Fall 2009 Release closed
#194 Determine whether the "universe" repository is supported on LTS releases closed
#195 Sync our moira package from the moiradev locker closed
#197 Xsession tracker check doesn't make sure the tracker config file exists first. closed
#198 debathena-moira FTBFS on Squeeze closed
#199 Investigate and report the sbuild/libtool ~ bug closed
#204 debathena-printing-config missing dependency on python-hesiod closed
#205 ssh changes behavior from Athena 9, does not delegate tickets by default Fall 2009 Release closed
#206 Define behavior around zwgc and remote X11 sessions Karmic Deploy (Canceled) closed
#207 Test ticket closed
#208 graphical login doesn't deal well with being unplugged Fall 2009 Release closed
#209 maple / java problem on 64 bit machines closed
#211 No documentation on the PXE installer Fall 2009 Release closed
#212 wireless LAN doesn't start at graphical login screen Natty Alpha closed
#213 Craft a policy on the implications of each metapackage and what software goes where Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#214 /etc/{bash.bashrc,csh.cshrc}.debathena should not set environment variables Karmic Deploy (Canceled) closed
#215 debathena-cluster on Jaunty doesn't give you a window manager Summer 2009 Deployment closed
#216 Make Trac the endpoint for Fall 2009 Release closed
#218 Ensure that NetworkManager and static IPs works and is documented Fall 2009 Release closed
#219 Document the brokenness of binaries linked against /lib/ Fall 2009 Release closed
#220 debathena-alpine-config should enable the MH and Old Pine folder collections Fall 2009 Release closed
#223 Make "noarch" sysname and inform locker maintainers Fall 2009 Release closed
#226 Investigate state of open-vm-tools under Jaunty and determine whether to fully support them at this time Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#229 CUPS should not scan the local network for printers Natty Release closed
#230 Cluster users get notifications because they're sudoers Fall 2009 Release closed
#231 Gnucash breaks gconf configurations Fall 2009 Release closed
#233 3D apps mostly suck on 745s with radeon drivers Karmic Deploy (Canceled) closed
#234 Add libgl1-mesa-dev to debathena-thirdparty Fall 2009 Release closed
#235 Debathena Live CD installs an initrd that enables compcache. Summer 2009 Deployment closed
#236 erlang-base conflicts erlang-doc-html on jaunty Upstream Utopia closed
#237 Use icedtea6-plugin for Java Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#238 add one-character aliases to discuss closed
#239 Firefox 3 against AFS homedirs has bad performance Fall 2009 Release closed
#240 notify users they're in a chroot on sudo/su Summer 2009 Deployment closed
#241 debathena-counterlog needs to depend on debathena-machtype closed
#242 view_home setting in .owlconf gets overridden closed
#243 openafs support should take advantage of dkms Natty Beta closed
#244 tex-config may not configure tex completely Summer 2009 Deployment closed
#246 The mail icon in the panel should do something clever based on chpobox information Summer 2009 Deployment closed
#247 Intrepid->Jaunty upgrade wants to clobber /etc/gconf/2/path.debathena Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#248 AFS should support machine-local UNIX sockets Upstream Utopia new
#249 Update Debathena signing key away from 1024-bit DSA Karmic Deploy (Canceled) closed
#250 zwgc fonts are too big Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#251 Make lpr look at the command line options to figure out if its cups or lprng Summer 2009 Deployment closed
#252 Contact users of repo and tell them to stop Summer 2009 Deployment closed
#253 PXE preseed needs additional option for Jaunty Summer 2009 Deployment closed
#254 debathena-thirdparty uninstallable: mtoolsfm not in Jaunty Summer 2009 Deployment closed
#255 debathena-thirdparty uninstallable: amaya not in Jaunty Summer 2009 Deployment closed
#256 Trim the cruft from cshrc dotfiles Summer 2009 Deployment closed
#257 Consider bumping priority of openafs-modules metapackages from extra to optional Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#259 The PXE installer should say Debathena where it currently says Athena 10 Fall 2009 Release closed
#260 PXE installer: make danger as obvious as possible closed
#261 debathena-discuss-server shouldn't assume inetd closed
#262 openafs-modules-virtual should use modules built for -server Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#263 debathena-afs-config: update-cellservdb has no manpage Karmic Deploy (Canceled) closed
#264 debathena-attach: atconvert has no manpage closed
#265 debathena-counterlog: athena-counterlog should be in /usr/lib closed
#266 debathena-discuss: missing manpages Karmic Deploy (Canceled) closed
#269 debathena-msmtp-mta: sendmail has no manpage Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#270 debathena-nmh: missing manpages Upstream Utopia closed
#272 debathena-tellme: tellme has no manpage Karmic Deploy (Canceled) closed
#273 debathena-moira-clients: userreg has a manpage but does not exist Upstream Utopia closed
#274 New debathena-discuss-server breaks mail feeds and local access closed
#275 Provide GUI integration with DFS homedir Karmic Deploy (Canceled) closed
#277 WGFILE not being set breaks send_message Fall 2009 Release closed
#278 "Log Out" button on screensaver takes far too long Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#279 Thunderbird wrapper should not run fs sa on local paths Fall 2009 Release closed
#281 notify-osd misleadingly reports that print jobs have completed Fall 2009 Release closed
#282 Java breaks new Live CD -workstation installs Fall 2009 Release closed
#283 debathena-workstation Live CD install doesn't display feedback Fall 2011 closed
#284 /usr/lib/init/displaymotd barfs on "markup" Summer 2009 Deployment closed
#285 LPROPT isn't respected Fall 2009 Release closed
#286 some equivalent of console in this brave new world Current Semester closed
#287 Update source filsys entries Fall 2009 Release closed
#288 Remove Athena (9) entry from PXE menu Fall 2010 closed
#289 Greeter should stop saying Athena 10 Fall 2009 Release closed
#292 debathena-cluster should turn sound off differently Karmic Deploy (Canceled) closed
#294 Installer should force NTP sync and hwclock sync, and have a working ntpd afterwards as well Fall 2009 Release closed
#295 Test ticket for F11 zephyr debugging closed
#296 debathena-ssh-client-config should turn on GSSAPIKeyExchange closed
#297 debathena-ssh-server-config should turn off GSSAPIStrictAcceptorCheck closed
#298 get dpkg 1.15 into Ubuntu Fall 2009 Release closed
#301 Create policy-rc.d in installer when run from d-i Fall 2009 Release closed
#303 Figure out Ubuntu release upgrades for clusters Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#304 evolution should default to the MIT mail account, not the local mail Fall 2009 Release closed
#305 cluster-login-config should kick gdm and init Fall 2009 Release closed
#306 Installing on the 755s hangs after downloading the stock ubuntu packages Fall 2009 Release closed
#307 the non-gdm tty "press ctrl-alt-f7 to log in" messages are gone in Jaunty Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#308 Trac e-mail is entirely too noisy closed
#309 Desync auto-update by editing /etc/cron.d/debathena-auto-update instead of sleeping Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#310 Can't log in graphically if quota is exceeded Fall 2009 Release closed
#311 Please add wine to extra-software closed
#312 Update Pine default collections for Exchange Fall 2009 Release closed
#313 stella should be able to ignore DNS Upstream Utopia closed
#314 bind mount more stuff Karmic Deploy (Canceled) closed
#315 debathena-ssh-server-config breaks ssh logins without a keytab Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#316 Check for IMAP.EXCHANGE.MIT.EDU instead of/in addition to EXCHANGE.MIT.EDU closed
#317 All mail clients must use SSL and the appropriate authentication method when using Hesiod Fall 2009 Release closed
#319 debathena-kerberos-config upgrade left behind obsolete conffile Karmic Deploy (Canceled) closed
#320 use software from Athena: file exists while symlinking closed
#321 AFS cache should not be snapshotted Fall 2009 Release closed
#322 Installer should verify installability Natty Alpha closed
#323 debathena-alpine-config broke pine symlink Fall 2009 Release closed
#324 The bugme timer disappearing bug is back Fall 2009 Release closed
#325 debathena-kerberos-config makes Karmic’s cupsd crash on startup Karmic Deploy (Canceled) closed
#326 debathena-kerberos-config forgets to reload apparmor Karmic Deploy (Canceled) closed
#327 Evolution wrapper should include MH collection if ~/Mail/inbox exists Fall 2009 Release closed
#329 urlclassifier{2,3}.sqlite in firefox profiles is far larger than it needs to be Upstream Utopia new
#330 lock screen from panel needs multiple tries Fall 2009 Release closed
#332 Need to fix /etc/network/interfaces on older installs Fall 2009 Release closed
#335 Complain to Ubuntu Tech Board about LP:251242 SRU Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#336 Shell gives useless error message when a binary's interpreter is missing Upstream Utopia closed
#337 Create a cronjob on debuild so the LiveCD is rebuilt automatically Fall 2009 Release closed
#340 Metrics gathering Fall 2009 Release closed
#341 WINDOW_MANAGER isn't respected in Jaunty Fall 2009 Release closed
#342 Non-GNOME sessions' terminals are broken in Jaunty Fall 2009 Release closed
#343 debathena-larvnet does not uninstall cleanly closed
#344 neo doesn't build on Jaunty Upstream Utopia closed
#345 Desktop backgrounds not migrated between Athena 9 and Debathena Karmic Deploy (Canceled) closed
#346 nref broken on Debathena's discuss client closed
#348 debathena-xsession probably doesn't uninstall cleanly Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#349 Replace help displayed by panel question mark icon with Athena help Fall 2009 Release closed
#350 Running gnome-display-properties with fglrx loaded causes X to spin Upstream Utopia closed
#351 PDF printing alignment issue test case Upstream Utopia closed
#352 GDM's ~/.xsession-errors should be useful for AFS homedir users Upstream Utopia closed
#354 re-enable Compiz Quantal Quetzal closed
#356 Firefox pops up extension list on startup Upstream Utopia closed
#357 make headphone controls more intuitive closed
#359 Sending all of dmesg to wslogger is kind of obnoxious Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#361 we know that libuuid and mit conflict; don't syslog it Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#362 login intermittently fails if your .k5login isn't world-readable Upstream Utopia new
#367 nss-nonlocal should disallow numeric group names closed
#368 Change umask to 022 in /usr/lib/init/{ba,c}shrc Karmic Deploy (Canceled) closed
#369 gdm-config needs to be entirely rewritten for Karmic’s gdm Karmic Deploy (Canceled) closed
#370 Update pyhesiodfs snapshot to add /mit/.locker support closed
#372 debathena-thirdparty prevents install of newer, conflicting package versions Current Semester closed
#374 clean up redundancies in debathena-thirdparty Current Semester closed
#376 lpq claims jobs are from cups rather than from the workstation closed
#378 Distribute a gtkrc that enables the LPR backend Karmic Deploy (Canceled) closed
#379 debathena-kerberos-config depends krb4-config, which is gone in squeeze closed
#380 grenew FTBFS on releases without krb4 Karmic Deploy (Canceled) closed
#382 Quickstation login times are unacceptable Karmic Deploy (Canceled) closed
#384 lpr.debathena should find the cups default printer, and prioritize it above hesiod Karmic Deploy (Canceled) closed
#385 debathena-misc-glue has undeclared conflict with acroread closed
#386 bugme isn't always always on top Precise Release closed bugme 10.0.4-0debathena2
#391 Stop debathenifying bash and tcsh because no one uses double-tilde Karmic Deploy (Canceled) closed
#392 test current LDAP clients (address books) against ldap-too Natty Beta closed
#393 remove renew and add from debathena-dotfiles Karmic Deploy (Canceled) closed
#394 restore some login screen options/applets Natty Alpha closed
#395 Ability to set AFS permissions from Nautilus Current Semester closed debathena-nautilus-afs 2.0 debathena-workstation 1.8
#396 Rename "Locker Software" in the Applications menu Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#397 CUPS should probably support lpr -Pprinter2 Karmic Deploy (Canceled) closed
#398 Use CUPS by default Karmic Deploy (Canceled) closed
#399 look at f-u-s-a change to indicator-applet-session Karmic Deploy (Canceled) closed
#400 disable nm-applet on clusters Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#401 thunderbird-config should support krb5 auth Karmic Deploy (Canceled) closed
#402 evolution-wrapper should support krb5 auth Karmic Deploy (Canceled) closed
#403 mitmailutils should use krb5 Karmic Deploy (Canceled) closed
#404 Research and report regression in OO.o closed
#405 Uninstalling debathena-thunderbird-config breaks thunderbird Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#406 athena-auto-update does not retry configuring unconfigured packages Spring 2010 closed
#407 athena-auto-update should dpkg --configure -a Spring 2010 closed
#410 We need a public workstation verification script Current Semester new debathena-verify 1.0
#411 We should honor $PRINTER, including in the GUI if possible Karmic Deploy (Canceled) closed
#412 athena-auto-update should not run when the user is logged in closed
#413 alpine-config: ${ATHENA_USER:-$USER} doesn't work closed
#414 mark firefox-extension compatible with 3.5 closed
#417 Renew doesn't work properly on Karmic closed
#418 pam-config enables libpam-krb524 on krb4-less systems Karmic Deploy (Canceled) closed
#419 debathena-nmh depends on krb4 Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#420 How to configure VPN on Ubuntu 9.04 closed
#421 autodebathenified packages should go straight into production closed
#423 2-up printing from evince to lprng doesn't work closed
#425 switch to pacmd for muting sound on cluster machines Current Semester new
#426 kill dsc_setup closed
#427 firefox-extension uninstallable without krb4 Karmic Deploy (Canceled) closed
#428 debathena-pidgin-wrapper doesn't respect ATHENA_USER closed
#429 gdm-config should set /apps/gdm/simple-greeter/disable_user_list Karmic Deploy (Canceled) closed
#430 gdm-config should skin post-2.20 gdms Karmic Deploy (Canceled) closed
#431 Karmic's gdm does not support custom commands, e.g. launching the kiosk browser Karmic Deploy (Canceled) closed
#432 collate by default Natty Alpha closed
#433 syslog-config needs to use rsyslog Karmic Deploy (Canceled) closed
#434 "Spooled PDF File Rejected" from GTK+ LPR backend Spring 2010 closed
#435 reactivate 2 regression: home directory must be world-listable closed
#436 repository and build process for patched schroot 1.3 Karmic Deploy (Canceled) closed
#437 Consider expanding debathena-metrics blacklist Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#440 n-up printing from evince doesn't work closed
#441 reactivate 2 isn't getting krb4 tickets Karmic Deploy (Canceled) closed
#444 LPRng options don't work with CUPS closed
#445 debathena-libmoira-dev doesn't install moira.h Karmic Deploy (Canceled) closed
#446 debathena-lprng fails to patch lpc on squeeze closed
#447 Update login session options for new gdm in karmic Karmic Deploy (Canceled) closed
#448 lprm/lpq wrapper should point you at the right CUPS server Karmic Deploy (Canceled) closed
#449 Deal with .generation double-sided support for CUPS Spring 2010 closed
#451 reactivate 2 needs to clean up harder Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#452 put up a "logging in" / "logging out" spinner closed
#453 bugme kernel oops closed
#455 Inventory WRW apps on Athena and determine how they print IAP 2011 closed
#457 force logout of abandoned cluster causes greyout Spring 2010 closed
#459 alpine should respect ATHENA_USER as FROM address closed
#460 mail / sendmail should respect $ATHENA_USER for from closed
#461 pyhesiodfs should pass -o nonempty to fuse closed
#464 aptitude shouldn't error about nonexistant pdiffs Upstream Utopia new
#465 come up with a coherent plan for debathena-printing-config Precise Release closed
#467 Unclean shutdown of reactivate-2 causes time-consuming schroot cleanup Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#468 Can we drop a force-update and reconfigure-network script in /usr/share/recovery-mode/options/ ? Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#469 auto-update should get its desync interval, and possibly other info, from a URL Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#475 Talk to save about de-supporting "setup save" and nuking most of /mit/save/bin Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#476 Follow-up with Kernel on ENOEXEC/ENOENT for libc5 binaries Current Semester closed debathena-ldso1-stub 1.1, debathena-workstation 1.10
#477 debathena-lprng cron job causes daily mail with error to be sent Fall 2010 closed
#478 mh-smail calls send -msgid, which doesn't work closed
#479 DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive is Wrong Current Semester closed
#480 Trac highlights /bin/sh scripts and not /bin/bash ones closed
#481 Upgrade debhelper compatibility level Precise Release closed
#483 auto-update should deal with conffile conflicts on cluster Spring 2010 closed
#485 make sure 6.824 isn't using the Athena 9 install script Karmic Deploy (Canceled) closed
#487 Plaintext printing of UTF-8 fails (sometimes?) closed
#488 kerberos-config needs to set allow_weak_crypto closed
#491 counterlog should include `lsb_release -sd` Karmic Deploy (Canceled) closed
#492 Coordinate with ops to get report of bitrotting machines Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#493 /proc/mounts! It's over sixty-five thousand! closed
#494 Switch User locks things up hard on lola-granola (karmic) Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#495 The new ssh/ticket delegation user experience is terrible Karmic Deploy (Canceled) closed
#496 fix cluster-login-config for Lucid Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#497 backport schroot to Karmic Karmic Deploy (Canceled) closed
#498 AppArmor profile for evince prevents using lpr.debathena Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#499 attach man page should reflect reality Spring 2010 closed
#500 Get the dialup patched sshd into upstream Upstream Utopia accepted
#501 Dotfiles should check for a case-insensitive value of "true" for "fallback Spring 2010 closed
#502 cups-lpq doesn't tell you where a printer is Upstream Utopia reopened
#503 cups-lpq doesn't tell you about the most recent completed job Upstream Utopia reopened
#504 investigate sporadic reports of disappearing jobs Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#505 Identify Debathena on the login screen Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#507 pursue upstream bugs in Cyrus IMAP Upstream Utopia closed
#508 Restore legacy LaTeX packages Precise Alpha closed
#509 printing-config wrappers don't always use LPROPT closed
#510 CUPS errors silently if PDF->PS conversion fails Upstream Utopia new
#511 Firefox saves downloads to ~/Desktop with no option to save elsewhere Upstream Utopia new
#512 sftp subsystem should not return stdout/stderr from dotfiles Natty Beta closed
#513 Add fortune-mod to -extra-software-nox Spring 2010 closed
#514 Update /usr/prototype_user/welcome for the 21st century Spring 2010 closed
#515 tweak thirdparty dependencies for lucid and amd64 Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#516 syslog if auto-update fails closed
#517 syslog if auto-update fails closed
#518 Kill lpr2 with fire Spring 2010 closed
#520 chsh(1) is made of lies closed
#521 chsh.moira doesn't take -s Upstream Utopia closed
#522 rgb.txt missing in Jaunty Upstream Utopia closed
#526 returning from locked screen (saver) sometimes lies about focus Upstream Utopia new
#527 Clean up new gdm's caching of dmrc files Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#531 zwgc(1) has incorrect paths Upstream Utopia accepted
#532 debathena-nsswitch-config doesn't divert del{group,user} or {group,user}del closed
#533 Partitioning bug in lucid install Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#534 AppArmor breaks LPR printing from evince in Karmic Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#535 alpine doesn't conflict or provide its diversions Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#536 Stop using kexec as soon as possible Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#537 Work with Alex to transition send_message to Zenity (or libnotify) Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#538 Document the autodebathenification process in the wiki Fall 2010 closed
#540 debathena-lprng should be providing /usr/sbin/lpc Natty Alpha closed
#541 matlab from "MIT Software" does not work Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#543 auto-updater should resolve conffile conflicts on -workstation Natty Alpha closed
#545 initial gnome-terminal opens in wrong place on Lucid Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#546 GDM theme isn't applied on Lucid Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#547 Update ttymsg for Lucid's gdm tty Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#548 kiosk launch button still visible after login on Lucid Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#549 DEB_UN{DIVERT,REMOVE}_FILES always conditionalizes on upgrade version Upstream Utopia closed
#556 chsh.moira shouldn't use /etc/shells Upstream Utopia closed
#557 Update PXE installer for Lucid Fall 2010 closed
#558 Your locker might not be in the attachtab when you run quota Fall 2010 closed
#561 DEB_AUTO_UPDATE_DEBIAN_CONTROL also displeases mortals Current Semester closed
#563 "Duplex printing set-up" in firefox-extension can't possibly still be right Natty Alpha closed
#564 clean up licensing Precise Alpha closed
#570 Fix libathdir to have a sane compiled-in default for ATHENA_SYS Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#571 kiosk extension does not work in firefox 3.6 Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#574 "System Default Session" is missing in gdm Upstream Utopia closed
#581 Give shiny icons to the items in the "MIT Software" menu Precise Release closed debathena-locker-menu 1.9 debathena-license-config 1.2
#582 Reexamine debathena-athena-libraries Current Semester closed
#586 zephyr 2 to zephyr 3 distro upgrade makes you lose Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#587 debathena-tex-config fails on upgrade (maybe) and contains no files on Lucid Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#588 automated install tests Current Semester assigned
#589 automated upgrade tests Current Semester new
#590 debathena-tex-bin no longer necessary Precise Release closed
#592 get tcsh to support bash-style command-not-found hooks Upstream Utopia new
#597 Install lib32nss-nonlocal on amd64 somewhere Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#599 upstream our patch Upstream Utopia new
#600 PAM should tell you if you're over quota Fall 2010 closed
#602 AppArmor needs to support Xauthority files outside of $HOME Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#605 firefox-wrapper broken on lucid: "default" is now an awk reserved word Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#606 update-manager disables the -development and -proposed repositories on distribution upgrades Upstream Utopia new
#607 Upgrade to OpenAFS 1.6 as soon as possible Natty Alpha closed
#609 make sure collection of metrics works on Lucid Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#610 Fix apparmor and nsswitch interactions Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#611 Fix apparmor and ntp interactions Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#615 Work with ops to begin aggregating metrics weekly and sending info to sysd_stats Natty Release closed
#617 lib32nss-nonlocal is broken on amd64 Lucid Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#618 nmh users lose if they don't delegate credentials Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#619 cups-client gives the finger to dpkg-statoverride Upstream Utopia closed
#622 PXE installer should accept a hostname in addition to an IP address Natty Beta closed
#624 send announce e-mail about cluster upgrade, 64-bit Fall 2010 closed
#626 aufs doesn't support file capabilities Upstream Utopia new
#632 use DEP-5 debian/copyright format Current Semester new
#636 debathenified nmh drops patch to wrap all mhshow(1) output in more(1) Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#637 Lucid doesn't install the GIMP by default Natty Alpha closed
#638 Chromium doesn’t work in AFS Upstream Utopia closed
#639 /usr/lib/init/quotawarn hasn't worked in a while Fall 2010 closed
#640 Pursue the creation of XDG_SESSION_TMPDIR specification Upstream Utopia new
#642 new-GDM is too cool to display the contents of /etc/nologin Fall 2010 closed
#647 Remove the Java Licensing text from the installer Natty Alpha closed
#648 Installer bails on Lucid due to poor interaction with bind9 and resolvconf Fall 2010 closed
#650 Reg applet occasionally doesn't work with IcedTea Upstream Utopia closed
#651 attach in standard dotfiles breaks sftp Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#652 lpq output broke again Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#654 New users logging into Lucid don't get "Athena Mail" in panel Natty Alpha closed
#656 clusters should provide more local disk Natty Beta closed
#657 lucid cluster installs permit graphical root logins Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#658 Users must authenticate to print from GTK+ apps Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#659 debathena-tex-config occasionally causes pdftex to barf Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#660 Do something useful with the foo-linux clusters Natty Alpha closed
#661 Outreach to existing beta-linux and alpha-linux members Natty Alpha closed
#663 Document Viewer isn't in the Applications menu Fall 2010 closed
#664 saferm doesn't deal with largefiles Natty Alpha closed
#666 Ask maintainers to upgrade lighttpd Fall 2010 closed
#667 d-i and anna do not recover from network issues well Upstream Utopia new
#670 CUPS 1.3 clients can't get queue state from CUPS 1.4 servers Upstream Utopia closed
#672 Build for Maverick Fall 2010 closed
#675 icedtea6-plugin doesn't get installed on Lucid; reg applet doesn't work Summer 2010 (Lucid Deploy) closed
#678 Debian's clisp-dev has dumb dependencies Natty Alpha closed
#679 libpam-afs-session ships its own pam-auth-update config file IAP 2011 closed
#680 Remind Jaunty users that the world ends in October Fall 2010 closed
#681 reactivate.log is useless Natty Alpha closed
#682 You can't completely disable user-switching in new-gdm Upstream Utopia closed
#683 find 32-bit-only locker software that won't work on 64-bit machines Natty Alpha closed
#684 cluster-login-config does not correctly disable suspend and hibernate Natty Beta closed
#685 Punt help-config Natty Alpha closed
#686 Seed /var/lib/athena-update-status at install time Natty Alpha closed
#689 debathena-nologin-monitor doesn't display the contents of /etc/nologin Natty Alpha closed
#691 Debug GTK+ printing authentication issues and fix them Upstream Utopia new
#692 icedtea6-plugin doesn't get installed on -workstation Natty Beta closed
#693 Divert athinfo.defs for clusters so we can trivially add queries Natty Alpha closed
#694 auto-upgrade should retry sooner than 24 hours Natty Alpha closed
#695 Add an atq athinfo query IAP 2011 closed
#697 Make installation on 10/half networks suck less IAP 2011 closed
#698 New users are ending up with corrupted FF profiles Natty Beta closed
#699 Consider installing human-theme Natty Alpha closed
#701 reactivate should not unnecsssarily spam .xsession-errors Natty Alpha closed
#702 installer should use debconf Current Semester review
#706 GIMP is gone from cluster machines Fall 2010 closed
#709 debathena-thunderbird-config is broken Fall 2010 closed
#710 LPRng printing broken Fall 2010 closed
#711 debathena-moira-update-server should be part of -workstation Natty Alpha closed
#715 Bring back tty-mode in an xterm login option (a la F2) Fall 2010 closed
#716 Firefox writes entirely too much to AFS homedirs Precise Beta closed
#717 CUPS truncates usernames at 7 characters Upstream Utopia new
#718 Move debathena's trac to demeter Fall 2011 closed
#719 Passing invalid arguments to printing-config wrappers causes traceback Natty Beta closed
#720 printing-config's lprm doesn't honor "-" as a job specifier Natty Release closed
#721 mit-printing-config lpq sometimes tracebacks on Jaunty IAP 2011 closed
#722 tilde-lockername broke in Lucid for non-user lockers Fall 2010 closed
#725 do-build: package uploads and downloads should share a lock Current Semester closed
#728 Installer should be more robust to network suckage Natty Release closed
#729 from uses alternatives now Natty Alpha closed
#732 thunderbird-config should use new autoconfig Natty Release closed
#733 renew should use fsid -a, not aklog Natty Alpha closed
#736 cluster installer prompts for VG overwrite when installing on a completely empty disk Natty Beta closed
#737 debathena-apparmor-config 1.2~ubuntu10.10 fails to install Natty Release closed
#739 the installer should not be in an arch symlink farm Natty Alpha closed
#742 athinfo.defs should use better test for cluster machines Natty Alpha closed
#747 rebuild live CD Fall 2011 closed
#749 run ntpdate in reactivate Precise Release closed debathena-reactivate 2.0.38
#751 Begin de-support effort for Hardy Natty Alpha closed
#753 save-cluster-info has hardcoded version number Natty Alpha closed
#755 destroys freshly-installed Maverick systems IAP 2011 closed
#756 debathena-branding in gdm-config fails for 1440x900 resolutions IAP 2011 closed
#757 Stop building for Jaunty Natty Alpha closed
#758 floatflt.sty missing in Lucid Precise Alpha closed
#759 The rescue-mode-based Athena force-updater is multiply-broken under Lucid Natty Alpha closed
#760 make apt faster on clusters Upstream Utopia new