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Lists, Groups, and ACLs

This is probably not a complete list. Unless specified, all e-mail lists are, but we're not listing the full address here because spambots.

  • athena-commiters - (yes, this is deliberately misspelled). The list of people who can commit to the Git repo on Note that our Git hooks also require that people be listed in the authors file.
  • source-commits - Commit logs get sent here by Github.
  • debathena-root - People who can log in to the build server, and who have access to /mit/debathena/web_scripts/apt. NOTE: This is also a PTS group in the sipb cell, and its membership is mirrored by the sipb-afs-sync service.
  • dslogger-report - Central syslogs are sent here, and "interesting" events are flagged. Probably more mail than you want to get.
  • bugs - This is a Mailman lists that front-ends the bugs discuss meeting on menelaus. The sendbug utility sends mail here. We should probably just give up and point this at RT or something.
  • suggest - "Suggestions" for Athena are sent here. Should probably be killed.
  • debathena-website - Set up in the SIPB cell for people who are not -root to be able to edit the website.

Discuss Meetings

  • sysd_stats on menelaus - Stats are sent here weekly.