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The Debathena printing configuration is sufficiently complicated and contains enough points of failure that it requires a sigificant amount of testing before we deem that changes involving printing can be pushed to production.

GTK+-based printing applications, including evince

From at least two (2) GTK+-based applications, one of which is evince, test the following:

  • Verify picklist is complete
  • Printing simplex from the picklist
  • Printing duplex from the picklist
  • Printing simplex with "Print to LPR"
  • Printing duplex with "Print to LPR"
  • Print simplex or duplex in color

Java-based printing applications, including MATLAB and OpenOffice?

From at least 3 Java-based printing applications (which must include MATLAB and OpenOffice?):

  • Verify picklist/dropdown is complete
  • Print simplex
  • Print duplex
  • Print simplex or duplex in color

Command-line printing

  • Print simplex
  • Print duplex

Package-specific test plans


Verify that it displays properly in the following resolutions:

  • 800x600
  • 1024x768
  • 1152x865
  • 1280x1024
  • 1680x1050


Verify that auto-update is successfully invoked by cron.