source: trunk/athena/bin/mitmailutils/debian/install @ 26022

Revision 26022, 263 bytes checked in by jdreed, 11 years ago (diff)
In mitmailutils: * Fix regression failure from CDBS version: install from and its manpage as from.debathena * Remove the .DA macro from the 'from' man page because it's not a thing anymore; move date to .TH macro * Build-dep on dh 7.0.50 because we need override targets
1from.debathena usr/bin
2bin/mailquota usr/bin
3bin/mailusage usr/bin
4bin/mitmailappend usr/bin
5bin/mitmailcreate usr/bin
6bin/mitmaildel usr/bin
7bin/mitmailexp usr/bin
8bin/mitmailmove usr/bin
9bin/mitmailrename usr/bin
10bin/mitmailscan usr/bin
11bin/mitmailshow usr/bin
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