source: trunk/debathena/config/syslog-config/debian/50-debathena-syslog-config.conf @ 25780

Revision 25780, 332 bytes checked in by jdreed, 12 years ago (diff)
In syslog-config: * Re-try the fix from 1.7, with restarting rsyslog, not reloading it
1# Drop afs' byte-range lock message (kern.warning)
2# Yes, we want 'lock', not 'locks', to match both kinds of
3# of messages.  And yes, we want 'afs' in the msg field,
4# since the actual tag/program is 'kernel'
5:msg,contains,"afs: byte-range lock" ~
6# Send everything else to wslogger
7*.warning;user,     @WSLOGGER.MIT.EDU
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