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Revision 25947, 596 bytes checked in by jdreed, 11 years ago (diff)
In locker-menu: * Add StartupWMClass entries where available (Trac: #1208) * Switch to dh7 from CDBS
[23053]1[Desktop Entry]
2Name=Adobe Acrobat Reader
3Comment=Adobe Acrobat Reader
4Comment[fi]=Adobe Acrobat PDF dokumenttien näyttäjä
5Comment[pt]=Visualizador de PDFs
6Comment[fr]=Afficheur Adobe Acrobat
7Comment[sv]=Visare för Adobe Acrobat PDF-dokument
8Name[C]=Adobe Acrobat Reader
9Comment[C]=Adobe Acrobat Reader
10Comment[pl]=Przegl±darka plików Adobe Portable Document Format
11Comment[cs]=Prohlí¾eè PDF souborù
12Comment[it]=Visualizzatore file PDF
13Exec=gathrun acro acroread
[25947]18StartupWMClass="Adobe Reader"
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