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In xsession: * Don't attempt to remove the lightdm dmrc cache, because we can't. * Explain why we don't care about the lightdm dmrc cache anyway
1if [ "$GDMSESSION" = "000debathena-nocalls" ]; then
2    export NOCALLS=1
3    message "You have chosen to log in without your customizations." \
4        "Your dotfiles will be ignored in favor of the system" \
5        "default settings.  You can use this session to fix any" \
6        "problems with your dotfiles."
9# You don't actually want nocalls as your default session
10# We don't remove it from the lightdm cache because we can't actually
11# read the lightdm cache.  But with our lightdm-greeter, an incorrect
12# value will never get cached anyway (because we always pass a session
13# name, so the cache is not consulted)
14DMRCFILES="$HOME/.dmrc \
15           /var/cache/gdm/$USER/dmrc"
17for f in $DMRCFILES; do
18    [ -e "$f" ] && \
19        grep -q 000debathena-nocalls "$f" && \
20        rm "$f"
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