source: trunk/debathena/scripts/build-server @ 25592

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
sources.list.d 25484   12 years geofft make-chroot: Naming two variables MIRROR is a bad plan
build-all 25592   12 years jdreed No, in fact, we do want to look in -staging if we're rebuilding a suite ...
autolivebuilder 4.4 KB 24356   14 years broder Upgrade a chroot before attempting to do a build in it.
autodebathenify 4.3 KB 24866   14 years jdreed Whine loudly if ignored
make-chroot 2.6 KB 25490   12 years jdreed Make zipping the chroots optional
debathena-archive.asc 1.6 KB 24330   14 years broder Add the new archive signing key to the build-server scripts, so that build ...
gen-distributions 1.5 KB 25415   13 years geofft Check in gen-distributions script (from /mit/debathena/apt/conf)
07debathena 627 bytes 24193   15 years broder Update our build infrastructure and docs to use aufs chroots instead of ...
pam-schroot.patch 479 bytes 24303   14 years broder Document the fact that we don't want common-session running as part of ...
mount-defaults.patch 324 bytes 25444   13 years geofft make-chroot: Actually, we do want /home bind-mounted
policy-rc.d 278 bytes 22692   17 years ghudson Document build server scripts. * ...
approx.conf.tail 239 bytes 24237   15 years broder Update documentation on installing a build server.
packages 99 bytes 22982   16 years ghudson Add fakeroot to the list of packages to install on a build server.
autodebathenify.cron 85 bytes 24357   14 years broder Use pagsh -c in the auto* cron jobs.
autolivebuilder.cron 76 bytes 24357   14 years broder Use pagsh -c in the auto* cron jobs.
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