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#90 fixed debathena-discuss-server doesn't create inetd/xinetd service tabbott

Reported by tabbott, 16 years ago.


The debathena-discuss-server package apparently doesn't work. It's never been tested, so this isn't surprising, but this should probably be fixed if Discuss is to survive the move to Athena 10.

#881 fixed debathena-discuss-server missing utility programs, esp. "byteswap" mitchb tlyu

Reported by tlyu, 13 years ago.


The utility programs "recover", "expunge", and "byteswap" are missing from debathena-discuss-server. The Makefile doesn't have rules to build "byteswap" either, but that might be because it has severely bitrotted:

byteswap.c:57: error: conflicting types for 'malloc'

The most important one for my use case is "byteswap", because I'm migrating a discuss meeting from a big-endian machine. There's also the "disdebug" utility, but that might be less necessary.

#261 invalid debathena-discuss-server shouldn't assume inetd mitchb

Reported by mitchb, 15 years ago.


When I took the debathena-discuss-server update this morning, I noticed the following message:

The following line will be added to your /etc/inetd.conf file:


If you are indeed using xinetd, you will have to convert the above into /etc/xinetd.conf format, and add it manually. See /usr/share/doc/xinetd/README.Debian for more information.

First, the "\t"s above are literal - they displayed as "\t" on the screen, which is probably an error.

Second, even Hardy, which is the oldest supported Ubuntu release, uses xinetd, so the package should probably know how to detect and configure xinetd correctly.

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