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#143 fixed Firefox extension not setting homepage rbasch broder

Reported by broder, 14 years ago.

Ken T Takusagawa wrote:
> In previous versions of Athena, the default home page was 
>  When starting up firefox for the first time 
> (after rm -fr ~/.mozilla), I get

geofft mentioned at one point that he didn't think the extension was doing anything to fix the homepage.

#144 fixed debathena-workstation can be installed without ubuntu-desktop broder geofft

Reported by geofft, 14 years ago.


If you install debathena-workstation from the PXE installer, and forget to select "Ubuntu desktop" in the tasksel list, then you get GDM because of debathena-gdm-config et al., and you get what appears to be a working graphical login, but you're missing stuff like ubuntu-artwork, fast-user-switch-applet,, xterm, etc.

The same bug probably exists if you install a nongraphical system and then install debathena-workstation, but this seems less likely.

We can fix this on Ubuntu by Recommending ubuntu-desktop | kubuntu-desktop | whateverelsebuntu-desktop. On Debian, those packages don't exist, so it will silently ignore the recommendation.

However, on Debian, the same bug probably exists, but "desktop" is merely a tasksel, not a metapackage. (On Ubuntu it's both.) Fixing this via a preinst that invokes tasksel is Evil; is there a better way to deal?

#145 fixed We should make an Athena plymouth theme tboning broder

Reported by broder, 14 years ago.


Debathena should provide and configure an Athena-specific usplash theme instead of leaving the default Ubuntu logo.

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