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#1328 fixed pidgin-wrapper and evolution-wrapper and gconfd-2-wrapper FTBFS on raring jdreed

Reported by jdreed, 9 years ago.


It used the obsolete Fixed in r25934 and friends.

#1327 duplicate Trac's login button should redirect properly adehnert

Reported by adehnert, 9 years ago.


If I go to, open some ticket, and click "login", I get sent back to the I should stay at the same ticket. The easiest answer might be to just always redirect to the athena10 version?

#1325 fixed Rewrite attachandrun in python achernya

Reported by achernya, 9 years ago.


attachandrun.c is a horrible bit of C that tries to do things that are like To make matters worse, it links against libathdir, for no good reason, when you can just do athdir locker -t bin to get the same effect, and the code already does fork.

Instead of keeping it around, just move to Python, as this will be shorter, and prettier.

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