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#696 fixed Can't login without mouse kcarnold

Reported by kcarnold, 14 years ago.


For Athena 9 and the the Jaunty Debathena, you could type username, Enter, password, Enter, and you're logged in. After the Lucid upgrade, you need to press the "Log in" button, and I could discover no way to do that without a mouse.

#468 fixed Can we drop a force-update and reconfigure-network script in /usr/share/recovery-mode/options/ ? jdreed jdreed

Reported by jdreed, 14 years ago.


/usr/share/recovery-mode/options is what gets presented to the user when they choose "recovery mode" at the grub menu. Hotline notes there's no way to force an update now.

Can we dump a shell script in /usr/share/recover-mode/options that forces an update and then a "real" reboot? (a kexec reboot occasionally will end up back in recovery mode, which is not what we want)

And when we have our debathena-change-the-ip-address-of-this-cluster-machine pony, that should go in the recovery-mode menu too.

I'll note that naming them "athena-update" and "athena-network" will cause them to appear at the top of the list (it's sorted alphabetically) which is desirable.

#136 fixed Can we use pam-afs-session? broder broder

Reported by broder, 15 years ago.


It looks like we might be able to use Russ Allbery's libpam-afs-session package to replace libpam-athena-locker. An aklog_homedir option was added early in development, which would solve the problem with libpam-openafs-session that libpam-athena-locker was written to solve.

libpam-afs-session was not made available in Dapper or Etch, but all other releases we support should have one that's new enough to work.

   linerva / pag / andersk  20:42  (Anders Kaseorg)
       Does that work when $HOME is a symlink to AFS?

This should work, since aklog_homedir just shells out to "aklog -p $HOME", but we should test it, as well as the module in general.

It would be nice to have one fewer pieces of software that we're maintaining just for Debathena.

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