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#1271 fixed mitprint local pharos queue occasionally gets stuck achernya

Reported by achernya, 12 years ago.


The mitprint local pharos queue currently has a policy of stopping the printer when an error occurs. While this makes sense for a real printer, for the forwarding queue, this means that all subsequent jobs get stuck. Linerva recently noticed that there were over 80 stuck jobs, and repeated "cupsenable mitprint" followed by removing the jobs causing an error, were the only way to fix this.

This has consequences for cluster machines, as well as the dialups, where a user can cause a denial-of-service by sending bad jobs.

Arguably, the on-error policy should be to drop the job, not stop the "printer" (forwarding queue).

#1270 duplicate new package request for debathena-thirdparty alexp

Reported by alexp, 12 years ago.


Please add iwidgets4 to debathena-thirdparty. It's needed by an application (espresso) that I maintain in a locker.

#1268 fixed Stop buildling for hardy and natty jdreed

Reported by jdreed, 12 years ago.


Natty reaches EOL on Oct 28. I'm going to turn off Hardy at the same time. But first we need to clear out -development and -proposed. I'm going to plan to push proposed to production on Monday. The only things in -development are -verify and -nautilus-afs, both of which need more testing, and neither of which will ever end up on hardy and natty, so I have daremoved them from those distros. After the cleanout on Monday, I will remove natty and hardy from We should also devote some time later this fall or during IAP to cleaning up from pre-Lucid releases, since we have a lot of now-useless conditionals.

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