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#1352 fixed AFS slow on kchen

Reported by kchen, 11 years ago.


zcrypt, both in barnowl, and outside barnowl, is slow on (Fixed.)

AFS seems generically slower on than on linerva. (See comments.)

#696 fixed Can't login without mouse kcarnold

Reported by kcarnold, 14 years ago.


For Athena 9 and the the Jaunty Debathena, you could type username, Enter, password, Enter, and you're logged in. After the Lucid upgrade, you need to press the "Log in" button, and I could discover no way to do that without a mouse.

#146 worksforme unauthenticated 'logout' fails to log out user kaduk

Reported by kaduk, 15 years ago.


If I 'kdestroy;unlog' before running logout from a terminal window, the 'logout' command appears to not actually do anything.

jdreed says he has seen this behavior as well, but it may be intermittent, or dependent on something non-obvious.

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