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#332 fixed Need to fix /etc/network/interfaces on older installs broder

Reported by broder, 15 years ago.


Cluster machines installed before the fix for #294 was deployed in r23923 still have no DNS at boot, which leaves them without functioning NTP.

We should figure out somewhere to push an update that re-writes the /etc/network/interfaces file as appropriate and reboots. We probably only want to push this fix to clusters.

cluster-login-config has generally been the catch-all for cluster-related issues, so I'm inclined to push it there, unless somebody has a better idea.

#335 wontfix Complain to Ubuntu Tech Board about LP:251242 SRU broder

Reported by broder, 15 years ago.


This was an annoying SRU because it forcibly turned off kexec for everybody. We wanted it on.

We should possibly complain to the Ubuntu Tech Board about this, since it arbitrarily scribbled over users' settings. We might be able to come up with a mechanism to undo the scribbling with some clever use of debconf's seen flag.

I'm milestoning this for the fall because I think it's important to get the feedback to the SRU team sooner rather than later.

#339 wontfix Build packages for Ubuntu's lpia architecture broder

Reported by broder, 15 years ago.


Ubuntu is currently pushing their "lpia" architecture (which is really just i386 specifically targeted at Intel Atom processors) for low-powered architectures, such as netbooks. In particular, the Ubuntu Netbook Remix (, while available for all architectures is primarily distributed for lpia.

It would be nice to provide lpia builds of Debathena for users running UNR.

This will involve expanding our build tools to know that different distro releases can have different architectures. Looking back at history at the tools from before we eliminated Sarge might be a good starting point.

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