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#1483 fixed Firefox 30 fixed printing PDFs from pdf.js kaduk

Reported by kaduk, 10 years ago.


As seen in #1466, the update to Firefox 29 broke printing PDFs from the in-firefox pdf.js viewer. In lieu of actually patching the bug, Ubuntu has seen fit to wait and bring us Firefox 30, which is now arrived in Precise and Trusty. The new major release of Firefox does have functional printing from pdf.js, so we should reenable the use of it.

#655 wontfix remote syslog includes hostname twice jweiss

Reported by jweiss, 14 years ago.


remote syslogs collected from some machines (such as cvp and zulu) include the hostname twice in the message. I've just taught our syslog parsing code to work around it, but can't guarantee that other reports won't be affected.

#664 fixed saferm doesn't deal with largefiles jweiss

Reported by jweiss, 14 years ago.


When invoked from clean-tmp-areas:

saferm: foo: Value too large for defined data type

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