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#674 invalid alpine renders html non-breaking space incorrectly jweiss

Reported by jweiss, 14 years ago.


It appears that when alpine renders an html message that contains a non-breaking-space, that character is rendered as a capital-A with a caret over it. I'm guessing this will need to be up-streamed, but figured that there might be some charset issue that I'm missing or something,

#858 wontfix discuss server gets random UID jweiss

Reported by jweiss, 13 years ago.


installing the debathena-discuss-server package ended up with discuss in the password file using a random UID, and not 32000 (the UID discuss has in hesiod/moira/etc, and the one I expected it to use).

As an aside, the UID assigned happened to conflict with something else in hesiod, but I understand that's a hard problem, and am willing to ignore it.

#949 fixed edsc explodes on encountering old discussd jweiss

Reported by jweiss, 13 years ago.


I tried to start edsc and saw the following in the *Messages* buffer: Loading discuss...done Starting discuss.... waiting for discuss... Started edsc process.... version 2.5 (Sat Oct 2 20:31:43 UTC 2010) builder@…:/build/builder-debathena-discuss_10.0.13-0debathena1~ubuntu10.04-i386-Fb_PAD/debathena-discuss-10.0.13/edsc) Listing meetings... error in process filter: discuss-read-form: End of file during parsing error in process filter: End of file during parsing

some debugging indicated that it's failing to connect to bloom-beacon. In a similar case discuss reports: peter-petrelli:~/Mail$ discuss charon-maint Discuss version 1.7. Type '?' for a list of commands. discuss: RPC server too old while authenticating to discuss server Error going to Charon_Maintainers_Archive: Connection reset by peer

I assume beacon is running a k4 only discussd, and while that is a separate problem, edsc should simply declare the relevant meeting unavailable and not fail outright. (I'll send mail to news about beacon's discussd under seperate cover, which may moot this bug, unless there are other ancient discussds out there, but if my .meetings didn't have one, they're pretty rare).

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