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#350 ignored Running gnome-display-properties with fglrx loaded causes X to spin jdreed

Reported by jdreed, 15 years ago.


If I choose to enable "Restricted drivers" (as many people will), and then later try and go to System->Preferences->Display, Xorg will take up 100% of CPU on one core, and the machine becomes unusable (and gnome-display-manager never works). This appears to affect both 755s and 760s (Radeon HD 2400 and 3450 respectively).

Killing gnome-display-manager has no effect, nor does punting Compiz. Rebooting seems to be the only solution. Nothing interesting in the logs.

We should document this or file a bug upstream or something.

#818 fixed Run athinfod during the install jdreed geofft

Reported by geofft, 13 years ago.


#817 and the fact that thumbdrives plugged in during a PXE install can cause strange things to happen reminded me that we do want athinfod running during the install, with at least a query to track install progress.

This would involve

  • figuring out what athinfo queries are reasonable to want during debian-installer (much of the hardware stuff is probably reasonable)
  • building debathena-athinfod-udeb, with as few Debathena deps as possible
  • picking up that udeb early in the install process
  • logging the output of (which I think we already do, actually)

There's also probably an argument for running athinfod in if you're installing workstation, but I'm not immediately convinced.

#1004 fixed rtl8168/9 chipsets (read: Vostros) lose in the installer jdreed

Reported by jdreed, 13 years ago.


The failure is during the hardware detection step. check_missing_firmware ifdowns and ifups the interface, and we lose connectivity and anna freaks out. It's unclear if  LP:804671 will fix this or not. We "fix" this in the PXE installer by scribbling over check_missing_firmware if it's a Vostro..

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