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#1281 wontfix athrun (or athmumble) should depend hesiod-config kaduk

Reported by kaduk, 11 years ago.


Installing debathena-athrun with no hesiod configuration causes such fun runtime errors as

kaduk@dr-willy:~$ athrun barnowl
barnowl: Could not look up Hesiod entry: Connection refused.

Filing this ticket because I don't want to see which layer of athfoo the actual dependency comes in at right now...

#1293 wontfix username.dialup persistent DNS service adehnert

Reported by adehnert, 11 years ago.


One option for fixing #1176 would be for the load balancing infrastructure to automatically preferentially send you to your preferred dialup. (Another, the wrapper script approach from comment:3:ticket:1176, seems more annoying for users.)

AIUI, given the way ssh and the dialups work right now, we could easily do this by having a DNS server that handled or so and maintained a persistent mapping of username -> dialup. Ideally, we could convince IS&T to take and maintain this, but SIPB running such a service would be a useful second choice. In any case, Jon suggests that prototyping such a service is a good first step.

#1296 wontfix does not support IPv6 kchen

Reported by kchen, 11 years ago.


Minor linerva to transition issue: has no IPv6 support. (I was trying to traceroute* to an IPv6 address, which is something I've done from linerva before, and was a little surprised when it didn't work, before I realized that it didn't work because I'd migrated to

  • Actually, I was first trying to mtr to an IPv6 address, but that didn't work because of #1286.
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