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#647 fixed Remove the Java Licensing text from the installer amb jdreed

Reported by jdreed, 14 years ago.


We're no longer using Sun Java; users need not agree to the Sun Java license to install -workstation on Lucid.

Also, we should handle this better, since I bet it will arise in the future. I propose that we have a "Note, you agree to the licensing at" and then have links to any necessary third party licenses.

#878 fixed Remove spurious shell check in bashrc jdreed

Reported by jdreed, 13 years ago.


/usr/lib/init/bashrc says:

# If we see ENV_SET set to empty, we could be a tcsh user who has
# decided to run bash, or we could be a bash user suffering from the
# misfeature that the standard xsession script runs the tcsh dotfiles
# for all users.  Running the environment setup for the former
# category of user would be unfriendly (it resets the homedir and
# changes the path), so for now, only run environment setup for bash
# users.  If the xsession problem is ever fixed, change this
# conditional to check for '"${ENV_SET+set}" != set' and eliminate the
# shell check.
if [ "${ENV_SET:+set}" != set -a "${SHELL##*/}" = bash ]; then

It is now the case on Debathena that "the standard xsession script runs the tcsh dotfiles" is no longer true, right? So we can eliminate the shell check?

#1240 fixed Remove require-final-newline from emacs-config andersk

Reported by andersk, 12 years ago.


Alright. It’s $(date +%Y), and I spent  rather  a  lot  of  effort fixing a  useless shell that I don’t give a shift about just so that we wouldn’t have this bogus excuse for the (setq require-final-newline t) in debathena-emacs-config.

Now that precise is deployed, I hope everyone can agree that it’s time for that to go. Debathena has no business misconfiguring our users’ editors.

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