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#284 fixed /usr/lib/init/displaymotd barfs on "markup" jdreed

Reported by jdreed, 15 years ago.


When the MOTD contains ampersands (like, say, IS&T), zenity barfs and defaults to the useless "All updates are complete.". We should run the output of get_message through tr or something and get rid of the characters '&', '<' and '>'. And possibly anything else that Pango thinks it should interpret.

Escaping them with \ doesn't work - we either get to convert to HTML entities, or strip them out.

#285 fixed LPROPT isn't respected geofft

Reported by geofft, 15 years ago.

opus:~ geofft$ export LPROPT=-Psipbmp3
opus:~ geofft$ lpr
meadow: nothing to print

Before deploying the fix for this you must fix #138 or people who set LPROPT=-z will be sad because they can't print anything.

We could probably fix these with wrappers around mit-lp* to set the right arguments (isn't there a -Zsomething for zephyr?). We could definitely fix these by Debathenifyng them more invasively than we do now.

#286 wontfix some equivalent of console in this brave new world quentin geofft

Reported by geofft, 15 years ago.


~/.xsession-errors captures all stdout and stderr from your Athena session. This means that it captures inordinate amounts of GNOME spew, so you don't want that displayed Athena-9-console style.

The downside of this is that things that you do want displayed, like output of your .startup.X, output of from, etc., don't show up anywhere. If you want to display things at login, you need to copy the hairy anti-HTML code to invoke zenity that we added today to fix the gmotd. And, that doesn't have the nice features of Athena 9's console that it updates as more info comes in and it can hide until more input arrives.

It would be totally spiffy if someone implemented a short python-gtk or whatever app that waited for input on stdin, mapped itself, and displayed data. Then we can run .startup.X with stdout/stderr redirected to this app, and display output the user wants to see iff there is such output.

For example, RSI has code in .startup.X to display a motd on stdout, assuming the Athena 9 console. I also have code in .startup.X to display various useful output, and .xsession-errors is a useless place for it to go (it's not an error!).

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