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#296 fixed debathena-ssh-client-config should turn on GSSAPIKeyExchange broder

Reported by broder, 15 years ago.


Is there any reason not to turn this on?

#297 fixed debathena-ssh-server-config should turn off GSSAPIStrictAcceptorCheck broder

Reported by broder, 15 years ago.


I have yet to hear a reason for why this is on by default other than to not change from the default-pre-patch behavior, except for a few fairly flimsy mutterings about trusting different principals different amounts (I'm skeptical).

I've never wanted this turned on, and a lot of servers I maintain end up needing it turned off.

#298 fixed get dpkg 1.15 into Ubuntu geofft

Reported by geofft, 15 years ago.


We believe dpkg 1.15 fixes an issue with stacked diversions of conffiles ( DebianBug:476899) that came close to biting us during the cluster deployment. The workaround is never to upgrade two packages that stack diversions of the same file at once; since the only setups that currently have stacked diversions are cluster machines and Linerva (which already has this version of dpkg), we can just stagger uploads into production of such pairs of packages by two hours for clusters. However, given how much we use diversions, the issue really should be fixed.

Ubuntu Karmic is currently in a Debian import window, but since there are Ubuntu-specific changes to dpkg, it won't get automatically imported, so we should make sure they merge the new dpkg before the Karmic release. It might be nice to get this in Jaunty, too, if that's easy.

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