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renew shouldn't be implemented as a shell function

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Shell functions are annoying for a couple of reasons:

  • If your dotfiles are broken, you don't get them
  • If you just installed Debathena and didn't start a new shell, you don't get them (this means you can't "renew" and then "blanche $USER -a debathena-announce" right after installing)
  • tcsh has not yet died in a fire but deserves to

The reason that renew is a shell function (or alias in tcsh), as I understand it, is to avoid any chance of it searching your path, which might start with a directory in AFS, which might under some circumstances make you very marginally sad if you don't have tokens. But this is easy enough to work around by making it a shell function/alias that just runs /bin/renew to shortcut the path lookup.

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comment:2 Changed 11 years ago by geofft

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Anders says it should be /usr/bin/renew instead of /bin/renew. I don't particularly care, but I suggested /bin because

   consult / debathena / mitchb  11:52  (I'm going to go get a job.  I'll be back in 10 minutes.)
       Yeah, but in the old days, /usr/bin/renew probably would've been on
       the packs anyway.  Probably in a world-readable place, but for all I
       know, maybe a lot of stuff used to be authuser-only.
   consult / debathena / geofft  11:52  (Geoffrey Thomas)
       "Fine, /bin/renew"
   consult / debathena / geofft  11:53  (Geoffrey Thomas)
       (In an environment with packs, renew probably wants to be in /bin

I guess we have no plans to use packs ever again, so whatever.

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