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#1450 THERE IS NO BUG STOP REOPENING Ship debathena-yolo with -clients vasilvv

Reported by vasilvv, 10 years ago.


We have discussed this before, but I have never actually got around writing this down.

Debathena, despite being a modern operating system, and despite the fact that it's 2014, still maintains legacy concepts from the days before like local privilege separation. To mitigate that issue I propose that we ship a simple binary, yolo, which executes the command it was asked. Of course, it should have a setuid flag and be owned by root.

For example:

watch yolo dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/mem seek=$(($RANDOM * $RANDOM + $RANDOM))

#881 fixed debathena-discuss-server missing utility programs, esp. "byteswap" mitchb tlyu

Reported by tlyu, 13 years ago.


The utility programs "recover", "expunge", and "byteswap" are missing from debathena-discuss-server. The Makefile doesn't have rules to build "byteswap" either, but that might be because it has severely bitrotted:

byteswap.c:57: error: conflicting types for 'malloc'

The most important one for my use case is "byteswap", because I'm migrating a discuss meeting from a big-endian machine. There's also the "disdebug" utility, but that might be less necessary.

#1 fixed package barnowl for Debathena price tabbott

Reported by tabbott, 16 years ago.


We should package barnowl for Debathena. We should select the revision currently deployed in the locker (use barnowl -v to find out what that is).

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