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#433 fixed syslog-config needs to use rsyslog broder

Reported by broder, 15 years ago.


It looks like rsyslog has finally replaced sysklogd. Since ubuntu-minimal depends on rsyslog, this isn't something we can work around.

rsyslog is available in every release we support, except for Etch, so we'll need to do something clever to create a package that configures sysklogd for older releases and rsyslog for newer ones.

I don't know if "older releases" should just be Etch, or anything pre-Karmic, or what.

See also, and

#435 fixed reactivate 2 regression: home directory must be world-listable geofft

Reported by geofft, 15 years ago.


gkovacs reports and I confirmed with sipbtest that you can't log in to a cluster machine running reactivate 2 if your home directory is system:anyuser none:

E: Failed to change to directory ‘/afs/’: Permission denied

I haven't determined which change causes this, or even whether it's the new schroot version or just the more different way in which we're using it.

#436 fixed repository and build process for patched schroot 1.3 geofft geofft

Reported by geofft, 15 years ago.


The debathenificator doesn't currently support starting with a completely separate source package (because that's not its intent; the intent is to modify the source package in each supported distro), so I can't use it for our schroot 1.3 backport. I currently have a clone of upstream's git repo with some additional patches in debuild:/home/debuild/geofft/schroot/schroot (the patches are also in /mit/geofft/debathena/schroot), and I'm building and uploading it to jaunty-development by running sbuild and reprepro myself. This is very not sustainable and needs to be fixed before the package escapes to anything other than -development.

Also, I've specifically backported schroot 1.3 to Jaunty, so it may not fit well with our multi-distribution model -- there's no point of this anyway. But somehow we need to be keeping our patches for schroot in Athena SVN and make our build scripts/infrastructure capable of building it.

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