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#1063 THERE IS NO BUG STOP REOPENING Confirm output resolution of Pharos jdreed

Reported by jdreed, 13 years ago.


I would be much obliged if someone can confirm the output resolution of Pharos, ideally using some sort of image where one could visually discern the resolution (as opposed to clever PostScript? hacks). If in fact the hpijs pcl3 driver fails to generate 600dpi, assistance in locating one that doesn't suck would be appreciated.

I am double-checking to make sure nothing is hardcoded on the server side.

#1450 THERE IS NO BUG STOP REOPENING Ship debathena-yolo with -clients vasilvv

Reported by vasilvv, 10 years ago.


We have discussed this before, but I have never actually got around writing this down.

Debathena, despite being a modern operating system, and despite the fact that it's 2014, still maintains legacy concepts from the days before like local privilege separation. To mitigate that issue I propose that we ship a simple binary, yolo, which executes the command it was asked. Of course, it should have a setuid flag and be owned by root.

For example:

watch yolo dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/mem seek=$(($RANDOM * $RANDOM + $RANDOM))

#1453 THERE IS NO BUG STOP REOPENING locker-support's fsid doesn't like lockers that aren't listable jdreed

Reported by jdreed, 10 years ago.


The new implementation of fsid runs aklog -path, which mostly works, except when a locker does not have "anyuser l" bits. For example, the zlogs locker. So far, I have only encountered this when using my extra instance, which does not have a pts id, so I think this behavior is technically correct, albeit possibly confusing to the user. Perhaps locker-support should instead run whichcell if aklog -path fails? Or we could decide we don't care, and that such lockers are in fact errors if you run "fsid -a" and don't have a PTS id.

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